Consoles: The worst PCs ever

Alienware's General Manager has called the next generation of consoles basically PCs for the living room. MWEB GameZone's columnist notes that this has happened already, just not in a good way.

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HanCilliers1985d ago

Great read although I don't agree with everything. With the way consoles are developing they might really be replacing PC's. The only functions that will be left will be non gaming related, like Word Processing etc

DesVader1985d ago

Gee, Alienware...don't pull any punches :P

plut0nash1985d ago

TBH I don't see it happening immediately but consoles offering PC-like software systems can be a good thing. For a start, doing digital is probably going to make games cost less, and in addition to this we can still play them offline without authentication. This is better than steam, for example. Steam also had some issues - buying a game disc with the assets and installing very often led to massive updates being inevitably downloaded. This was frustrating.

Consoles are in a transition phase. We need to look to the next generation.