The Last of Us: Best Multiplayer Ever?

When a multiplayer component was first announced for The Last of Us, my eyes rolled so far into the back of my head that my pupils poked me in the frontal lobe. What followed the announcement of this unwanted extra was a void... Silence. Absolutely nothing.

Now, usually this isn’t a good sign - you only have to take a look at the Tomb Raider reboot to see a recent offender. I had already decided, it was going to be one of those ‘tacked on’ multiplayer modes: completely inoffensive and functional, but devoid of an identity of its own.

Then, suddenly, amid the sound of static from the radio silence, lead artist, Nate Wells, decided to put everyone’s fears to rest. He took to Twitter, and tweeted out the following statement: "I wish I could appropriately prepare you people for [The Last of Us]," he said. "But even if I were allowed to, I can't. And I really can't prepare you for the best [multiplayer] ever conceived."

Confident words indeed.

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Wizziokid1959d ago

No but a nice change.

The main problem isn't the game it's the people that play it, if you want to play this you need a team of people who understand teamwork and not how to run and shoot like COD.

Walker1959d ago

I think happy Wars is the best Multiplyare ever !

DemonSlayer4201958d ago

Demon's Souls had THE BEST MULTIPLAYER MODE THIS GENERATION,period. There was no contest and anyone that beat that game knows this is a fact.