Destiny's direct feed gameplay reveal

Activision and Bungie released on YouTube a direct feed, quality version of Destiny's gameplay reveal. Check it out!

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Festano2116d ago

I can not wait to come out!!!

Mutant-Spud2115d ago

Are you going to have a coming out party with all your friends and family there or will you just elope to the Netherlands and marry your partner then send everyone postcards?:p

eyeDEVOUR2115d ago

Lmao...that's what I was thinking

Festano2115d ago

I spoke of the game ......... By Fan of Bungie is a long time since the appearance of E3 and this video has impressed me.

thechosenone2115d ago

Anyone know if Destiny will be 30 or 60fps?

BattleTorn2115d ago

Maybe it's his ... destiny?

Elwenil2115d ago

I'm going to guess that English is not his first language.

But funny all the same. ;D

starchild2115d ago


It's 30fps. It was 30fps at E3 and Bungie have said that it will be 30fps.

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HammadTheBeast2115d ago

That closet must be pretty dark.

MizTv2115d ago

That's kind of gay........

Godmars2902115d ago

Know its still in development, but they should do more than repeatedly show the same gameplay from E3.

Wizziokid2115d ago

So hyped for this but that commentary was annoying.

mcstorm2115d ago

This game looks great and I look forward to getting it on my Xbox one.

Angrymorgan2115d ago

Lol @ disagrees
You know you shouldnt swear on n4g.......xb#@on*

GezForce2115d ago

This game looks great and I look forward to getting it on my PS4.
Bungie are showing Sony a lot of love lately ;)

Lvl_up_gamer2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I agree...I am getting it on the XB1.

This is clearly a game that will be utilizing MS's cloud service. No doubt the best version, like Titanfall, will be on the XB1. Even Respawn said the XB1 version of Titanfall will be superior to the PC version simply because of the practicle use of MS's Cloud that will not be available for the PC.

Bungie are some of the best developers, no way they will ignore MS's cloud...especially when Destiny is an ALWAYS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET GAME.

mcstorm2115d ago

@Angrymorgan Lol I know this site is becoming a joke when it comes to anything but the PS4. Or maybe a lot of people don't like this game.

@GezForce I agree they are giving Sony some love and im sure it will be good on both consoles.

@Lvl_up_gamer I hope your right. I like the look of what MS are doing with the xbox one that's why im getting it over the PS4 so my gaming will be WiiU and Xbox one and ill get a PS4 later on next gen.

For me though the 1st game I cant wait for on the One is Forza 5 I really like what turn10 are doing with the cloud AI. November cant come quick enough.

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shysun2115d ago

Looks good so far! I'm ready to see more!

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The story is too old to be commented.