Ken Kutaragi Inducted into Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame

Known as the "Father of the PlayStation," the former chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment is one of twelve new inductees who will join the Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) CE Hall of Fame. The CEA said that its Hall of Fame "honors leaders whose significant contributions make the consumer electronics industry a vibrant, dynamic and vital part of our nation and its economy."

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decapitator3850d ago

The man behind the PStripple. Respect. Glad he is getting recognized for his brillance.

Qbanboi3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Congratulation Man. You deserve it.

Edit: Oops, didn't mean, to reply. Sry.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43850d ago

What a Handsome Man in that Photo!!! ;)

sak5003850d ago

Now known as "Ken, The Destroyer of PS Brand"

Danja3850d ago

ha thats why the PS3 is destroying the 360 in every country...

not even VGchartz can cover M$ ass these days with there inflated sales figures ..they still have to give the PS3 the edge...

Qbanboi3850d ago

You haven't seen the sales lately, have you?

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43850d ago

Sega Saturn
+... ;-D

What a Handsome Man in that Photo!!! ;)

George Washington3850d ago

as brilliant as he is, apparently sony dissagreed and fired him.

SL1M DADDY3850d ago

Ken is brilliant but he was getting too far ahead of everybody else. I have a feeling that the PS4, 5, and 6 comments he made had a little effect on the decision to oust him. He did officially retire so let’s all make this a good time to celebrate a genius in the eyes of those that love gaming.

Truckasaurus3850d ago

LOL! Are people still trying to spout that BS?

Kutagri had well known plans for retiring long before the launch of the PS3. He had been working on console hardware design for a decade and it was time to move on. He made sure before his retirement to leave Sony with a roadmap for the design of the PS4 and PS5.

And he is assisting Sony right now in the R&D for the PS4.

Ya, 'fired'...LOL!

George Washington3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

im shure he got fired. cause he didnt retire. if he did, then he wouldnt be working for namco right now. after the flop of the ps3s first year out all the negative press just got to sony and they decided to fire him for it.

lmfao!... "And he is assisting Sony right now in the R&D for the PS4"

so i guess there goes the 10 year lifecycle BS all you fanboys are always talking about...

Wildarmsjecht3850d ago

Every company at LEAST gets started on the new system almost immediately as soon as the latest one drops. For you to think they wait mid-way through the life system or at the very end is just ignorant. It's just common sense, so the 10 year life cycle isn't just BS. stop hatin'

George Washington3850d ago

well sony clearly didnt have there sht together with the ps3. after getting delayed for a whole year!! it ended up sucking hardcore. every game that comes out on it is inferrior to the 360 version, the online sucks, no good exclusives... yea.. im shure they really thought hard about how to make it the best console. ps reputation is completely destroyed with the ps3, worst console of all 3.

Skerj3850d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Pretty hard to take someone seriously who spells "sure" "shure". Unless English isn't the first language, then I won't be an asswipe.

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Kaz Hirai3850d ago

Emperor Kutaragi is the greatest being in the history of the Universe! Even God himself bows down to the infinite wisdom of our great Emperor!
Sony Soldiers: let's send our thanks to the great Emperor Kutaragi- the Eternal Creator of the PerfectionStation brand!
You dirty Xbot PIGS are not worthy!


Hentai3850d ago

All hail Emperior ken Kutaragi the father of gaming.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43850d ago

Thank you my Loyal Disciples!!!;)

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