Game Revolution: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

Game Revolution writes: "Turning Point: Fall of Liberty is a World War II game with a twist: What if British Prime Minister Winston Churchill died in a car accident and the Nazi army won World War II as a result? Before you or I can answer with "unspeakable horrors", the introductory text fades away to reveal a lighter outlook: blimps! Rocket-powered blimps! Nazi blimps tearing through the Big Apple like Cloverfield. To learn how this Hollywood-sized spectacle degenerates into a cheeseball Hollywood mess, just keep reading.

Turning Point delivers a few compelling moments, propped up in front of a barely complete game. I can deal with the goofy premise and the B-movie theatrics, but uncomfortable gameplay and dull, repetitive graphics suggest an alternate timeline where Turning Point sits on my shelf, never to be unwrapped."

+ A few good moments
+ A million suplex animations
+ Decent music

- Gets boring fast
- Weak controls
- Sloppy, unsatisfying story
- Average to poor visuals

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Blademask4240d ago

I think the Ps3's entire lineup of actual exclusives has vastly improved visually since 2006.

Although there are those who believe that Gears was the end all of FX with the ever AMAZING unreal engine, which to this date produces graphical marvels like Rainbow 6 1.5 and Turok.

Cyrus3654240d ago

unfortunately story has changed, due to initial story being reported as a dupe.