State of Decay coming to South Africa and New Zealand

Undead Labs confirmed that State of Decay will be making its way to South Africa and New Zealand next week - although no specific date has been given.

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snipab8t1931d ago

Still waiting in Australia ...

JohnnyBadfinger1931d ago

Yeah I had been wondering where it was on the market place cause I had seen people on my friends list playing the game only to find out they have UK accounts...

snipab8t1930d ago

It got banned for having real-life names of drugs such as methadone and morphine.

Stevennefdt921926d ago

Still waiting for the game to be released in South Africa. Why the hell is it taking so long ? Everything has been confirmed so there should be no reason to hold the game back from South African consoles at all. HURRY UP MAN !!!!