Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD gets a release date

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD is more than just a pretty update of a classic game. It's one that has some extra content planned. And a release date to go with it.

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GavinMannion1936d ago

I can't say that any Final Fantasy titles interest me.. remakes even less so..

zeal0us1936d ago

What was the point of coming here if FF doesn't interest you?

Elda1936d ago

@Zealous...WELL SAID!

grimmweisse1936d ago

Thank you for proving and contributing to nothing, you must fail at life so hard. "clicks on a FF article, posts nonsense".

Hellsvacancy1936d ago

Im really looking forward to playing FFX again personally, ill pass on X-2

despair1936d ago

so many years later and that giggling and laughing (and the...ugh...concert bits) still annoy the hell out of me. I'll play it but only because the battle system was really good.

jc485731936d ago

he simply replied because this link goes by ""

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ElleGee1936d ago

I don't really think anyone cares. People want FFVII remade, not this nonsense. Personally, I want VI (the best in the series, gosh darn it!) redone.

zeal0us1936d ago

While some people do want a FF7 remake, I do think people care about FF10 remake. If there wasn't a interest in it then SE wouldn't have made it.

Jdoki1936d ago

I must have put in hundreds of hours in to FFVII, but I really can't understand the desire for a remake.

The game was revolutionary because of the CD format, and I played it to death because it was unlike anything we'd seen before at that time. But even back then the characters felt stereotypical, and the story was a bit of a mess.

When I have tried to play it again since, it's just not been worth the effort. Even if SE sorted out the checkpoint system and smoothed out some of the rough bits I'd still not bother with it unless it had some significant revamping of game play mechanics.

I'd rather SE focus on getting back to making good games now, not pandering to fanboys wearing rose tinted glasses.

Perjoss1936d ago

I played it again recently, I admit that I didn't even make it past 10 hours played this time around. It's just not as good as I remember it, most of my enjoyment came from nostalgia and from the soundtrack, music never really gets old but graphics and gameplay mechanics sadly do not stand the test of time in most cases.

I wonder how many of the people that are screaming for a remake have actually picked it up and played it recently.

insomnium21936d ago

I disagree with both of you. I'm playing FF7 through right now and I'm enjoying the hell out of it. Just working on getting Omnislash from battle arena. Just got Shadowflare from ultima weapon for all 3 enemy skill materias. This time I'll play this thing through for sure. There's much nostalgia but to me the game mechanics have not aged one bit.

Jdoki1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

That's cool insomnium2. I have a blast on a lot of old games. Just FFVII doesn't do it for me any more. Although I do think the Materia system was awesome.

I think I prefer both VIII and X these days for 3D FF's. The old 2D titles were probably the best though.

Have fun beating the Ruby and Emerald Weapon super bosses!! :)

Xer0_SiN1936d ago

i liked xenogears more than i liked ff7. to me, 10 was pretty good, but out of all the playstation final fantasies i rather have 8 remade.

Inception1936d ago

Hey ElleGee, you want FF VI / VII remake when basicaly it's the same game you already play / beaten years ago, only with better graphics. Then you came in here and said FF X remaster 'is nonsense and no one cares about it'. Lol what an irony -_-

levian1936d ago

Personally, I want them ALL remade for PS3/PS4, that was I don't have to fire up my PS2 (which is starting to break).

I really want them to re-release FF12 next.

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moonstormer1936d ago

love final fantasy - excited for the extra content!

Lucreto1936d ago

I was hopeing for an earlier date. Too many games and a new console on the way.

Just have to wait for the Collectors Edition before I pre-order.

VsAssassin1936d ago

This will be the only SE game in a long time that I know I will buy and won't get disappointed in. I just hope the framerate remains the same if not improved.

fsfsxii1936d ago

They almost took 2 years to make the friggin HD remaster, they better make it right

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