Hands-On: New hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 4

GamePro writes:

"Nestled in the snowy heart of Naru, Japan, Konami and Kojima Productions recently held a secret "boot camp" where the companies showed off a nearly complete version of the anticipated PlayStation 3 action-epic Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Only a handful of gaming insiders were invited, but GamePro was there to get exclusive access to an enormous portion of the game. This is our report, complete with extensive hands-on impressions.

You thought Gears of War looked amazing? Think again. Metal Gear Solid 4 will blow you away with its ultra-detailed characters and intricate environments, painting some of the most gorgeous graphics seen this side of Crysis. In motion, the graphics look so realistic that your eyes begin to register the visuals as a movie rather than a game. From what we saw, MGS4 puts its 50GB Blu-ray disc to outstanding use."

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decapitator4245d ago

Ahh..Sounds great. I love the smoke effect in the videos.

sonarus4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago ) for late-breaking updates on MGS4, and check back next month for more detailed hands-on details of what is quickly shaping up to be the top game for 2008.

The graphics: You thought Gears of War looked amazing? Think again. Metal Gear Solid 4 will blow you away with its ultra-detailed characters and intricate environments, painting some of the most gorgeous graphics seen this side of Crysis.

So there you have it MGS4 looks better than gears of war. (At least in game pro's opinion)
Like i said gears graphics can't hold forever. The unreal engine isn't the most advanced engine on the market anymore

Truckasaurus4245d ago

"You thought Gears of War looked amazing"

Was this supposed to be a joke Gamepro?

Who the hell would use an old Unreal Engine 3 game as some sort of 'graphical benchmark'?

Fishy Fingers4245d ago

In future perhaps we could use the headline from the actual article? Admittedly you might not get the same "heat", but rules are meant to be rules.

fenderputty4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

because there's a good portion of the internet population that are 360 supporters who feel Gears still hasn't been matched. I tend to disagree but, saying this puts the quality of the graphics into scope for large amounts of people. Even the ones with blinders on.

wageslave4245d ago

Nice flame-bait title you created there;

The article's proper title is:

"Hands-On: New hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 4"

How did this one get approved:
"Metal Gear Solid 4 Hands-On: 'You thought Gears of War Looked Amazing? Think Again'- GamePro"

sonarus4245d ago

Screw everyone that complains about the title. Is this the first time important info from the article is included into the title?? No and no one usually complains but now all of a sudden it is flame bait. No need to cause any flame bait anyone who thought gears would remain the best looking game forever is a little "slow". The game is almost 2 yrs old so there is nothing wrong with it.

Spinner4245d ago

Oh come on wageslave, there are other things to take your jealously and rage out on.

Maybe you can keep hoping for "MGS4 for 360 CONFIRMED!!11"

GiantEnemyCrab4245d ago

he does it all the time. Someone needs to have their posting priveledges removed because he obviously cannot follow the posting guidelines and when he is called out on it he hides.

I would suggest sending a user feedback report to the admins about him. I will send one as well.

Amanosenpai4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

1) Its a quote... so... what's the problem?

2) MGS4 = 2008 best game

rexor07174245d ago

But then came Uncharted, the best looking console game which dethroned Gears. But MGS4 looks so good. It looks like im watching a movie, kinda like...UNCHARTED! But really, wow, that is some fine game.

barnes3and14244d ago

I've never been a MGS fan. However, the buildup to this game makes it a must purchase just to see what the fuss is about. I still have to say uncharted set my graphics standard followed closely by COD (either system)

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cellypower4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

When I seen this game I had to buy a ps3. Lol disagrees are funny because its my opinion.

jwatt4245d ago

I know some people don't like games to get hyped but based on the april fools video and the hands on articals this is going to be another great mgs game. I just have that feeling that I'm going to enjoy mgs4 as much as I did mgs3.

TriggerHappy4245d ago

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WANT.

scrillakiller4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

well it should seeing thatuncharted took a dump on gears of war a couple months back

Unreal engine was only most adavnced engine on 360.ps3 doesnt need ue3 lokk at ratchet uncharted now this.ue3 is bottom of list on ps3

GiantEnemyCrab4245d ago

Please don't insult Gears by mentioning DudeRaider and that jaggie mess that is R&C to Gears.

TriggerHappy4245d ago

Jaggies in Uncharted ? GiantEnemyCrab you FAIL so horribly. He isn't insulting Gears, he just saying UE3 is better suited for 360 whiles in-home engine works best for PS3.

Amanosenpai4245d ago

He didnt insult GeOW, he just said that UE3 was designed for 360, and not for PS3.

DUDE RAIDER? go to the open zone... DUDE

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niall774245d ago

... thats not why Im playing MGS4.

gambare4245d ago

It made me thought about Socom 4, it doesn't looks like a graphic benchmark but it's Socom, it will be a blast in online playing.

spandexxking4245d ago

i wanna find what/who the patriots are

sonarus4245d ago

Socom confrontation is NOT socom 4. As far as i know socom 4 hasn't been announced yet, but i am sure zipper is working on it.

Amanosenpai4245d ago

Psyche gauge and his Stress Gauge... new features will be AMAZING

Kain814245d ago

last year it will be out in 2009

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2 cents4245d ago

I don`t even need to read the articles about this game cos i know it`ll be huge and is a day 1 for me no matter what reviewers say. Have played all previous and i`m a huge fan. Same goes for GTA and GT.