Smash Bros. Creator Pines For New Nintendo Characters

Kotaku: "Nintendo fans may not be the only ones growing ever weary of Mario's sports, kart and paper-based adventures. With almost nothing in the way of new franchise characters coming out of Nintendo in the past decade, it's enough to make even the harden Nintendo devotee hope for something exciting and new."

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VigorousApathy4513d ago

They have a bigger problem than this. Their cartoon characters are going to start seeming kind of silly as technology continues to progress. Remember that rendering of Mario in super definition that was on this site? He looks like a gnome.

PS360WII4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

Well it's just that Nintendo doesn't have to fool you into a new icon to look up to. Crash to Jak to Ratchet, Master Cheif to Marcus, God of War to Heavenly Sword, Killzone to Resistance, and so on. Both MS and Sony have the same games but they just change the main character while Nintendo doesn't have to refresh its icons.

trolling bast3rd4513d ago

actually the only new upgrade in your post was crash to jak, ratchet is a diff character (like the diff between mario and zelda). Master chief and Marcus are the same they do the same thing, heavenly sword is a cheap imitation of god of war, or knock off is another word, and killzone and resistance are diff, in killzone u kill mutant ppl, in dark areas and it takes place in the the future, while resistance is an alternative realty that takes place during WW2 and has aliens to kill.

Palodios4513d ago

I don't exactly look up to Mario. He's been in over 200 games, and I still don't know anything about him except that he's a plumber and has a crush on peach. Its one thing to say his games are good (they are) but to compare him to say... Lance Armstrong or Abraham Lincoln is a little much.

Horny Melon4513d ago

after 20 years? Who would have thought.

mintaro4513d ago

this is where nintendo needs to step up and start realeasing some new, good IPs

Mario and Zelda are only going to last so long

Hooby4513d ago

add a raving rabbid to the game. Complete my life.