The Walking Dead: 400 Days | GamerHub TV Review

The original five episodes of the Walking Dead Season One are mind blowing. The episodes are able to evoke the sprit of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series while showcasing Telltale Games’ unique style. The story of Season 1 centers on Lee Everett and Clementine and is emotional, heartfelt, and terrifying. Every agonizing choice that is made carries weight and leaves the player with serious emotional fatigue. The best part was that your choices mattered and characters remembered your decisions. These choices were reflected in later episodes and could lead to someone losing their life. Now, Telltale Games is back with The Walking Dead: 400 Days. This new episode serves as a bridge between Season 1 and Season 2, which launches this Fall. Is 400 Days alive with promise or is it just another rotting corpse? Find out in our review!

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DDDGirlGamer852022d ago

I kind of mad I mean this really isnt a "game" more like a "tell me more" type interactive story, Bring back MONKEY ISLAND!

jagiii2021d ago

These games are awesome, as is the TV series.

KrisK2017d ago

The walking dead game as really opened my mind to how awesome and emotional gaming can be. I am so looking forward to the second season.