Destructoid review: Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

Truthfully, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword is exceptional in many ways, from its blindingly fast, yet simple gameplay, to its slick visuals and animations. There's nothing really wrong with the game per se, as Team Ninja pull off everything with style and extreme competence not yet seen on the Nintendo DS in this genre. To be fair, Dragon Sword is a blast to play and there's nothing that really comes close to the same experience on the DS. But when it takes roughly five or six hours to complete a game -- and most of those six hours are spent reliving some of the best moments from the first hour and a half -- something feels a bit off.

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PS360WII4245d ago

awww that was a long review too... I still object with the final tally :( This game rocks!

Rick Astley4245d ago

Handheld games like this one belong on the PSP.

- Rick rolling since 1966

PS360WII4245d ago

To bad the control and fast pace of it couldn't be done on the PSP. He said so himself along with if he wanted to make a PSP game he might as well just make a console game.

DS is well suited for this game and plays it very well.