All PS4 Systems Get The Playroom, the PlayStation Camera & Phone Billing for Content on PSN

For all those who have preordered the PS4 as their holiday next-gen console of choice, there's an added feature in the device that you're getting: the Playroom.

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JoGam1931d ago

Great, thats good to know.

abzdine1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

yes great! thank you Sony for this nice tech

shivvy241930d ago

i was gonna get the camera anyway lol :D now its $460 ! still $40 less than X1

lawgone1930d ago

Read the article. The camera is not coming with the PS4. I'm sure I'll get voted down for stating a fact but oh well. Anyone voting this down is showing their own blind loyalty and ignorance.

CommonSense1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Well that's pretty much the entire N4G community.

"There's consumer flexibility," he said in the interview quoted by VG 24/7. "We have a camera which will build some great consumer experiences, especially when it's used in conjunction with the DualShock 4, but we're not mandating that, or forcing that purchase on the consumer."

This is just another way of saying we're including features that require that you have a device that is sold separately. Suddenly the price gap isn't quite as big. And, the functionality of the eyetoy is rather limited by comparison.

...not that it matters to me, i have no desire for either device. I don't want sony and MS watching me while i'm watching porn or picking my nose or scratching my ass.

rob200901930d ago

Well according to we will be using this feature in November.

Taken straight from their product page:

"The PS4 console will ship free on release date this November."

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1931d ago Replies(1)
1931d ago Replies(1)
alb18991931d ago

Without The camera :). IT shows that The price was just change because of Microsoft.......SONY was scare to compete with the same price!

Ghoul1931d ago

you have no clue.....

console prices are decided MONTHS before an announcement.
the whole production pipeline and contractors have to fit in.

ms and sony made the price on theyre own calculation and marketing.

Its called business, and yes i work in highend consumer productions with very stiff competition, same problem same approach

alb18991931d ago

You have no clue....

It is clear that they had plan A and plan B but that's a good thing!

alb18991930d ago

IT just make sense to me but is jus an opinion.

MariaHelFutura1930d ago

Why would they be scared to compete?

Microsoft had a year a headstart w/ the 360 and still came in 3rd spending hundreds of millions more in advertising. The ps2 outsold the Xbox. The ps4 is going to do the same. If you wanta know why Microsoft dislikes Sony so much, look no further. Same goes for their fanbase.

Sitdown1930d ago

So are we saying the articles were a lie that stated they were contacted by Sony and changed the SKU because the camera was being dropped.....which allowed for the significant price drop?

alb18991930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

You are blind if you don't see how much Microsoft grow with the 360!
So you think microsoft hates SONY but SONY LOVES MICROSOFT?
Jus asking!
I can have 400 disagrees and I don't care, I will always say what I think not what you want.

MariaHelFutura1930d ago

No, right now Sony loves Microsoft. They are their best form of advertising. Microsoft opens their mouths, Sony looks better and better.

fermcr1930d ago

The funny thing is that the PS3 sold more then the X360 (i think!), but Microsoft made much more money with the X360 then Sony with the PS3... in fact Sony lost a lot of money with the PS3. Only the last year or two it became profitable, the years before the PS3 had heavy losses.

CerebralAssassin1930d ago

Yes they had plan A and plan B.

plan A: undercut microsoft everystep of the way.

Plan B: repeat plan A at all cost!!. Remove the camera!!

alb18991930d ago


You are totally right! :)

ZeroX98761930d ago

Well add the camera if you want, its still only a grand total of 460 $ which is less than the x1 plus not mandatory.

gigoran1930d ago

You remember how Microsoft did a 180 and removed all the things they loved about their new system but the public hated? Yeah... they were too scared to release the system as they had originally intended. Nice try anyway Microboy

Thomaticus1930d ago are really something.

yeahokchief1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Sony is for the gamers. Say what you will about them both being businesses to make money. But they both had a choice.

Microsoft went the route that Nintendo went offering all these services most Core gamers do not want because we already have them on our phones and tablets etc. Sony went ALLOUT on GAMES, DEVELOPERS and GAMERS. End of story. They singlehandedly forced microsofts hand in curbing their policies until the next nextgen.

We asked for a system WITH A GAME for $500 and SONY DELIVERED!! =) Look back at my post history. $500 with a game. Asked and delivered.

That's the system, a game and a PS+ sub to play that game with online multiplayer and also grant you over $1,000 USD worth of free games each year all for $500. Not to mention the steep, steep discounts. I can't count the number of games i've bought this year for anywhere from under $1 to $3. Me and my friends dont have enough time to play all the games we have before PS4 comes out...

It is an unbeatable value. A gtx 780 alone will cost me $650. Here you have a platform with online, a release day game and tons of free games in the future via plus. Thats unbeatable. Even if you're a pc gamer, I say get a PS4 and do both for the exclusives.

The advantage the xb1 has right now is only for the kids who want to play the call of duty map packs first. I believe battlefields map packs also launch first on XB1. But I see this as an advantage for sony players.

By having all the cod heads stick to the xbox we get a better, more open minded community. A more open minded community that will want to play brilliant games like journey, the last of us, flower, gravity rush etc. Games you can only get with Sony.

Also by waiting to buy these games I will get the version that comes loaded with all the dlc for a much lower price. With BF3 you paid 60 at launch and another 30 for the season pass when you could have waited and spent $40 on the full version less than a year later.

So really it depends on what types of games you want to play. If all you play is CoD and Battlefield you might want to go with XB1. Or if you really, really want to play Killer Instinct. Titanfall was honestly the most impressive game on show this E3 in my opinion but I think it will be even better when it releases on PS4 with all of its DLC and its better graphic card/memory.

yeahokchief1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Really when you cut down all the bullshit from my previous post it comes down to the exclusives. I trust Sony to put out better exclusives that arent all meathead based.

I liked Fable 1, but the series doesnt seem to have improved much and the guy who makes those games is always in the news saying something batshit crazy that makes me want to smack him.

Killer Instinct is their best card right now since Titanfall is a timed exclusive. But this is the same company that pretty much destroyed Rare. They went from making games like Perfect Dark and DKC to Viva Pinata or some other bullshit.

I mean $100 is trivial to me. I don't care that much. It was more the way they actually got me hyped with their stuff i actually want like a controller redesign and good price. They made me want to give them my money.

It might turn out that XB1 actually does have some better exclusives. It really is too soon to call it. But right now you have a choice between which company you want to give your money to. And i'm backing Sony all the way.

Xb1 is really going to be forcing the camera on you a bit more with more kinect based software. Dont misread what im saying though. I think sony will push to sell the camera too or 3rd party will with their games. But I see a lot more motion control games coming on the xb1 compared to the PS4 from microsoft since it is one of their key advantages. Personally I just like playing my games with a good oldfashioned controller. So agian if you like motion control then you might actually want an XB1.

I see the Xb1 as more of the family type device particularly with the family share and the kinect.

This console war will be fantastic because it's going to test the waters for games vs mediacenter/family device. I think the PS4 is going to mop the freaking floor with the XB1 and prove to these companies that we care about the games. Not the bullshit. Case in point: the WiiU's absolutely stellar performance before their e3 game announces. I do believe they can turn it around tho. Smash Bros and DCK TF will be sick. They need to build on that and they definitely need to start hitting the older age groups if they ACTUALLY BELIEVE what Reggie was saying about their software selling the console.

Honestly if you're not making your decision based off exclusives you should just save your moeny and buy a pc.

I probably shouldnt be saying this. I might be giving microsoft ideas on how to suck less which would actually make me want to buy another console. I need to stay off the internet.

yeahokchief1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I've pretty much covered it from both the angles here.

First post = short term differences on why the ps4 is going to kick ass

Second post = longer term differences why the xb1 may put up a good fight.

And personally the used game dealy doesnt matter to me one bit. I always buy new and actually would have preferred everyone else to. BUt 24 hr checkins are NOT the way to go about it. always on kinect after the NSA revelations also scares me. the guy in the college humor video about the xb1 had a good joke about that one.

C4RR4NZ41930d ago

the camera is only $60. ps4 still wouldve been cheaper

CommonSense1930d ago

"Microsoft had a year a headstart w/ the 360 and still came in 3rd spending hundreds of millions more in advertising. The ps2 outsold the Xbox. The ps4 is going to do the same. If you wanta know why Microsoft dislikes Sony so much, look no further. Same goes for their fanbase."

WTF? where's your idiot reference for this malarkey? if you're talking about worldwide hardware less than a million units, but that's not where the companies make their profit. The profit comes from software and services.

Also, the last part of tht statement is utter hypocrisy. I prefer my 360, but i still play my ps3 all the time. I don't know many 360 fans who hate sony...we just hate their fanboys because you constantly make stuff up and you're completely hypocrites. Everything is a double standard with you people and you come off like you aren't living in reality. As evidenced by your statement and almost every other member of the n4g community.

TLDR: I like PS3, HATE their fanboys.

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fermcr1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

This just shows that Sony was going to bundle the camera with the PS4 from the get go, with the PS4 being more expensive... After Microsoft's debacle they removed the camera to sell it separately, bringing down the PS4 price. Smart move by Sony.

The playroom requires the camera so most likely most users won't use it, since they won't purchase the camera.

Miraak82 1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

It'll mostly likely give incentive for people to buy it though . w/ x1 having kinect as a standerd, 3rd parties can use pretty much use the programing from kinect as an additional option for ps4 games with the pseye almost securing that devs will give utilize it . Either way its a win for sony while giving its consumers options at a lower price on x1s behalf

PSN_ZeroOnyx1930d ago

I fail to see your math. You say with no credibility that the PS4 was originally going to cost more than X1, and that by removing the camera they were able to hit a $400 price point and undercut M$. However, the camera sales for $60. So please show your math and explain how $400 + $60 =/> $500. Maybe them college math courses I took didn't teach me right. So please enlighten me.

Sevir1930d ago

Sony to slash prices and drop an optional accessory 10 hours later? Lmao do you think production road maps are that simple, you think they could have been rehearsing the E3 press conference saw MS announce 500$ then scramble back at Tokyo to revise spending and production and manufacturing just 10 hours later and got the ok?

The f*ck are you on?

These things take months to plan and execute and you'd have to have an airhead with Zero understanding of business and marketing to make such a statement, and it seems that you do. Just a question? Are you in college?

Aceman181930d ago

it's truly sad how there are so many hurt feelings people seem to have because Sony decided to make the camera optional.

let's say they did bundle the camera who's to say the system would have cost $499 when the camera is $60. the system would have cost $450, and that's still cheaper than the xbox.

just because the company you chose to support wanted to destroy our consumer rights by claiming to further the future of gaming with this garbage don't try bringing down the other competition because your favorite company was to damn stupid and greedy.

for people to me who'd rather have their consumer rights taken away from them don't deserved to be called gamers imo. yea i know steam does it, but it took them years to get to this point, and we all know Microsoft were NOT GOING to lower prices of their games.

pete0071930d ago

Shut your mouth Sony's lawyer. So i dont deserve To be called a gamer!!
What were my rights taken away??? Were the same rights you toke away from iraky people? Or other Economical invasions all over With your tax money?
Were talking here of entertainment and ways To deliver it. Dont Forget stupid fanboy, a console before you buy it, belongs To its maker, so, youre not invited To buy it if you dont Like it. Get a life, you think Sony Will offer you a free ps4 To compensate your loyal shit work??
Get a Life

Aceman181930d ago


Relax yourself dude it ain't that serious, but since your taking this so personally it looks like you are the easy mark that big companies look for.

I would make this statement about any company who tries to take my consumer rights. You just go right on ahead enjoying being rammed in the rear.

Death1930d ago

More about the "consumer rights". I'll never understand why someone will latch on to a particular belief with absolutely no intention if actually knowing what they hold on to. READ your game manual on ANY game. Your so called "rights" are outlined very clearly. Let's ignore the fact you have no clue what you believe you think you know and get crazy, what rights of yours were being stomped on? Steam, itunes, PSN store, Live Marketplace and a whole slew of retailers that deliver content via download adhere to the REAL terms of use outlined in your games user agreement. This is the future of content delivery. If you had issues with ripping your game to your HDD and having access to it anywhere and anytime with out needing the disc, yet still have the ability to trade it in at a retailer, you are going to be one unhappy camper.

Good luck with that.

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Bigpappy1931d ago

Misleading title. Makes this sound like a new bundle

KrisButtar1931d ago

I thought it was a new bundle at 1st as well

1931d ago
Hicken1931d ago

It says "All systems." How in the hell is that misleading?

DO you distrust stop signs, too? Do you think they actually want you to speed up?

Dee_911931d ago

They stop until it turns green and say go

FrightfulActions1931d ago

You seriously don't find that misleading? Or at least see why someone might?

It suggests that all PS4 systems will be getting Playstation Eye. Not the actual article title, mind you, but the title on N4G.

You really don't see how that wording could be confusing and misleading to people?

I can't see what relevance stop signs have to do with it.

humbleopinion1931d ago

It's misleading because the title there actually says "All PS4 Systems Get The Playroom & Phone Billing for Content on PSN, More Details on the PlayStation Camera" whereas here it sounds as if the Playstation camera is bundled with every system.

KrisButtar1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

When I read the title, it came across to me that they were forcing a camera on everyone like Kinect 2.0 comes with all XB1 systems.

Edit: Stop signs are only suggestions ;)

Timesplitter141930d ago

"All PS4 Systems Get The Playroom, the PlayStation Camera & Phone Billing for Content on PSN"

>All PS4 systems get the playstation camera

yes, it's misleading

Hicken1930d ago

How does it sound like a new bundle, though? Maybe I had better insight because I'd already read about Playroom being included, but it never occurred to me that all systems would now, inexplicably, require the camera Sony's spent so much time saying was optional.

Death1930d ago

"All PS4 Systems Get The Playroom, the PlayStation Camera & Phone Billing for Content on PSN"

Hicken, how do you not read this and not see it says "All GET PLAYROOM, PLAYSTATION CAMERA AND PHONE BILLING"? Not at all what the story says.

Hicken1930d ago

Probably because I already had knowledge of Playroom being included- from reading another article.

And because Sony already said the camera wasn't being packed into every system.

So when I read it, I made the connection that Playroom, which shows you the ins and outs of the PS camera, and the ability to buy things from your phone were being added into all systems.

maniacmayhem1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Doesn't matter if you had knowledge or not, the title suggested that the camera would be included with the PS4. Which also led me and others to believe their might be a new bundle.

You seriously couldn't see why the title was misleading or did you just jump the gun and attack anyone you thought was "trolling" a Sony article?

Hicken1930d ago

... you might have had a point about it being a new bundle, except that it says "ALL," which must be tempered against Sony's stating the PS4 would not have it in the box.

"ALL PS4 Systems" is how it starts; it can't possibly refer to a new bundle in that case.

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abzdine1931d ago

of course, all PS4s in bundle with with a phone!


andibandit1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

It says "Phone billing"....../Facepalm

and i bet most were confused with the camera part......./Facepalm Fatality

abzdine1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

sorry but they said 2 days ago they're gonna give cunsumers a choice of having the can or not, it makes no sense to see the change unless if they include it and keep the price 399. and not earlier than yesterday they talked about the playroom being available for every PS4 day one for free and up to you to buy the eye or not.

and about phone billing what do you mean by that exactly? a piece of paper that you find in the box and you insert in your phone? if you think a little but you realize that all these are services available day one for free.

facepalm babality

andibandit1931d ago

You were the one that implied that people thought:

"of course, all PS4s in bundle with with a phone! "

when no one in the comment section thought that at all.

Facepalm Animality

hazardman1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Facepalm.....Babality!!! Wah wah.....
Damn some already beat me to it...ok ok
here i go again.

Facepalm ..Friendship!

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Bathyj1931d ago

Arent there rules about changing the source title?

It should read

"All PS4 Systems Get The Playroom & Phone Billing for Content on PSN, More Details on the PlayStation Camera"

which isnt missleading

kingPoS1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I think they do that to get more eyeballs on their sites. Sometimes it backfires, but most of the time those tactics work.

And then you have people who bring headlines out of context from the source just for kicks.

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GreenRanger1931d ago

Hopefully that Playroom thing can be deleted.

I don't want something I have no intention of using taking up space on my PS4.

M-M1931d ago

It probably won't take up much space anyway.

kingPoS1930d ago

Much like eyecreate - it's completely optional.

Narutone661931d ago

The title is not what was stated in the link. The PS Eye is not included in the bundle.

talisker1931d ago

I hope you can remove it if you don't like. Every time my PS3 boots up and I see that terrible Singstar screen, I want to punch the person in Sony marketing who invented this.