6 Fun Video Games About Feudal Japan

There is just something so overtly romantic about Japan's history. Their isolationism preserved a culture that is so different from the ones that fell prey to western imperialism. Instead of fighting other countries, they fought within their own county for years until united under one central government. It was a chaotic time full of honorable and skilled warriors, corrupt or noble lords, and epic battles that were made so much more involved without (for the most part) the use of gunpowder. It is not surprising that this period in history transfers well into video games. There is so much you can do with it, whether it is telling the true history, perverting it for entertainment, or just focusing on a lone samurai or ninja.

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Lord_Sloth2028d ago

LOOOOVE me some Tenchu and Way of the Samurai!!!

nick3092028d ago

My personal favorite is onimusha, too bad capcom wont continue making em ):

Anthotis2028d ago

They all had their weak points attacked for massive damage.