Why we need Skyrim on next-gen consoles

GamesRadar: "More power could give current-gen's most ambitious game new life."

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Need4Game1960d ago

Can't we just install the PC version of game on PS4?

zeal0us1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yes* given the fact that the PS4 runs on a modified version of FreeBSD and the X1 similar to Win8 all you have to do is pop in the skyrim disc and wait a few mins, install and wolah Skyrim on next gen consoles.

*Do note I am lying

die_fiend1960d ago

What the hell is wolah?! Do u mean voila?!

AllroundGamer1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Wolah is the new shout you get as a bonus after installing it like zeal0us said :)

Campy da Camper1960d ago

@die...lmao that made me spit out coffee....bubs

OT I'd rather have next gen Oblivion.

1960d ago
JKelloggs1960d ago

Yeah, you can install EVERY disc based game you've ever owned on the PS4. PS1/PS2/PS3/Xbox/Xbox 360/Dreamcast/Wii/WiiU, you name it, it can play it.

Except for Xbox One games.


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ApolloTheBoss1960d ago

How about a new game altogether?

PopRocks3591960d ago

I was going to say; why port Skyrim when you can just have a brand new iteration?

Tru_Blu1960d ago

I'd be down for fallout 4. ES is really good but FO is great IMO.

guitarded771960d ago

Elder Scrolls Online is a new game all together. So now can we ask for Skyrim again?

coolmastermarktwo1960d ago

As for me, I'm not hyped for it at all. I need a proper TES game, not some sh*tty MMO.

Campy da Camper1960d ago

@cool...I was inclined to be in the skeptical camp but there are rumors, deep in the internet that those who are beta testing it are losing their minds. Due to non disclosures nothing is being said except for some tidbits like "Jesus this is nothing like I thought. Holy fuck its awesome"

Tru_Blu1960d ago

Either one better not be multi.. Stick to what works

aaron58291960d ago

games with character customisation... personally i like to play on pcs due to the fact that there are thousands of mods available...

Donnieboi1960d ago

I'm definately getting elder scrolls online when it comes to next gen.

Bonerboy1960d ago

How about the thousands of fantastic mods...oh wait...its still only a console so it only gets vanilla. I'm tired of "restricted" consoles.

Shadonic1960d ago

I remember an article on N4g about a small mod for the 360 version IDK if it was true or not though.

Hicken1960d ago

Then don't play "restricted" consoles and you won't be tired of them. Thought that might have been an obvious enough solution.

Don't want Skyrim. At all. Until Bethesda proves to me they can make a game that isn't full of bugs and relies on their fans to make it actually worth playing... yeah, I'll pass.

clouds51960d ago

It's impossible to make a game this big with so many variables as Skyrim completely bugfree. They had to test for years to find all the bugs... If you want the best experience with these kinda games you have to play on PC anyway. Elders Scrolls games are PC games at heart and always will be. This is the future of gaming imho, very open games with unlimited possibilities through mods. Look at the Elder Scrolls series on PC, Minecraft, Just Cause 2, even GTA. They are all very much alive on PC because of mods.
Then look at Star Citizen. It's a game that completely embraces that concept of every player being able to add to the game world. It's amazing.

Campy da Camper1960d ago

@cloud. I call shenanigans. If the multitude of choice a player makes is what is being cited as the reason for bugs and glitches then how come the old mans head was spinning at THE BEGINNING OF MY GAME? I was not even 5 minutes into the game, had made zero choices and this guys head is spinning like a washing machine. 10 minutes later when I was outside the game froze.

Its called poor programming and zero QA.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some fallout but damn Bethesda just send their games out to a monkey for bug testing.

Anon19741960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah, I gotta say Hicken, you're missing out. Skyrim on my PS3 (yes, my PS3) was by far one of my favorite games this gen. It's certainly in my top 10. My gaming time is limited and I've got a low tolerance for buggy games that waste my time, but I experienced next to no issues with Skyrim. It crashed on me. Once. In over 100 hours of play. And in the distance I once saw a mammoth pop in. That's it.

I agree with the majority of critics on this one. Skyrim was a masterpiece. It was one of the most ambitious games I've ever played and it absolutely delivered in my opinion. If you choose to skip out on this title, it's your loss.

Hicken1960d ago

To each his own. I got bored with Oblivion, too: just too much openness far too early. I suppose I'm used to how they scale such things in JRPGs, rather than essentially opening up the whole world to you right at the start.

Anon19741959d ago

Ok, you're right to skip it then. If you didn't like Oblivion, this is certainly more of the same.

For me, I love the openness of the world. I spend most of the time with the game ignoring whatever I'm supposed to be doing and exploring. Often I'm trying to get from point a to point b and suddenly it's "Oh, what's that over there?"

If the exploration aspect doesn't appeal to you I can understand you skipping it.

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