Ultimate Warrior Unleashes On WWE 2K14 Roster

The latest issue of WWE magazine has revealed that Ultimate Warrior will be in WWE 2K14.

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1935d ago
Ezz20131935d ago

give me Goldberg,Batista

and you can have my money

sarcastoid1935d ago

Bring on the next-gen tassels am I right!?

Chicago85061935d ago

He was my personal favorite!
I'll never forget "the Ultimate Championship" between Warrior vs Hogan, title for title was absolutely EPIC!

Game on!


If you saw that live like I DoD then you must be as old as me lol

Chicago85061935d ago

Lol, nah I didn't c it live unfortunately, but I would like to say I'm as young as u :)

Game on bro.

DarkBlood1935d ago

thought it was going to be released for next gen?

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The story is too old to be commented.