EA Sports keeping an open mind about NCAA basketball

Electronic Arts hasn't published a college basketball video game since releasing NCAA Basketball (formerly NCAA March Madness) 10 in 2009. Since that time, there has been a void in the sports video gaming world thanks in part to rival 2K Sports discontinuing their own college hoops game in 2008.

Despite what seems like a quiet demand for a new entry in either dormant franchise, neither company seem all that interested in filling that gap. That doesn't mean, of course, that the possibility isn't there. In fact, a pair of game producers at EA Sports have even spoken in favor of their college basketball video game franchise someday returning.

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TheSoundDefense1959d ago

It might just be me but I'm glad to see a franchise not get rehashed every single year. Release one game with constant roster updates for each season.

Tuxmask551959d ago

Want want want want want want want want!