IGN: Metal Gear Solid 4 Hands-on - 'This is the system seller that we've all known MGS 4 was going to be'

IGN writes: "Three weeks ago, Konami extended a once in a lifetime invitation to a handful of journalists. Fourteen people from around the world gathered together at the Konami Super Campus in Nasu to experience one of the most anticipated titles in recent history, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots in a specialized boot camp for the game. We weren't simply shown snippets of levels or gameplay demos; instead, we were sequestered for three days at their facility for two specific tasks. The first task was that we were to play through the entire title from start to finish with the Konami team gathering our stats and play information as we progressed.

The second task was much more important, because at the end of every gameplay session, we were asked to provide detailed feedback, which would be given to the development team to make adjustments to the final build of the title. We weren't alone in experiencing the game in this way; Kojima himself was replaying the title at the same time we were, going through the same gameplay sections and feedback tasks as we were. In effect, we became part of the design team. As I stated earlier, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, especially for any Metal Gear Solid fan. Not only were we getting a chance to complete the game before anyone else, but we were making an impact on the overall game that will launch worldwide on June 12th."

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solar4513d ago

sounds amazing. cant wait play this.

kevoncox4513d ago Show
Condoleezza Rice4513d ago

Market the crap out of this one,I want me a pair of Solid Snake undies

4513d ago
RecSpec4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

Well, before the wrath of the Sony fanbase falls upon you two. I would just like to say that while you may not like MGS4, it's acceptable. You don't see what's the big deal about MGS4, while I don't see what's the big deal about Halo, others don't see what's the big deal about Smash Bros., and others don't see what's the big deal about GTAIV.

To each their own, if you don't like the game, there's nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, blind idiots will fire back at you like it is a holy war. An instigator's goal is to get attacked back. Which looks like what will happen here. Kinda hard to see why the minority's opinion matters so much. Oh well. Some people never learn.

cmrbe4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

Thats just you guys opinion. Remember that we are all different. As an example for me personally. Halo 3 was one over hyped piece of crap. Thats just my honest opinion.

kevoncox4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

Don't get me wrong. MGS1 was amazing. Mgs2 was an above average game. 8.2 is my rating and MGS3 8.5. I don't think it's a bad game but the hype for it is unabelivable. MGS2 recently landed on 1ups most overrated game of alltime. Of all time. Of all there an echo in here?

Edit: Guy below.
Actually i don't hate the ps3. These games aren't even made by Sony?
So are you saying I hate Konami? I'm a troll? Really? You are entitled to your opinion. I have stated that I fear that this game will turn out like MGS2. YOU EVEN AGREED WITH ME THAT MGS2 SUCKED....So how am i trolling?

edit2: Guy below him
I ready it but I refuse to fall into the hype. The same was said about GTA: SA. Not comparing the two but IGN has a habit of overblowing their previews of huge games. Everything smells like roses and they won't give it to readers straight. They give our 9.9 too often for big franchises...HALO 2, GTA VC and GTA SA and MGS2 and 3. I like them but I have been depending on their reviews less and less.

edit 3: The story was awesome before. Amazing. Now it has so many holes and twist that unless MGS4 is a cinematic movie dvd it will not wrap up the series.

Edit 4: RecSpec. I belive you are right. This franchise has turned into the great white hype for Sony fanboys. It's their god. All other games fail in comparison. All hail MGS4 wih it;s poor combat controls, shooting mechanism. SMH at all the "gamers" out there.
Yes I will play this game and beat it and then cry myself to sleep. For shame.

EDIT: sonarus
Shut the f*ck up. Stop acting like a lil snot nose kid. I said I don' like where the MGS series has gone. I never said I don't like it. Was it an EXCLUSIVE on PSX? Humm yup and bought it then. Was it exclusive on Ps2? Yupp. I rented it and beat it then! So what's your point? It being exclusive to ps3 has noting to do with it because it's always been exclusive(outside of substanace, who waits for 9 months to play it on xbox???) You fail my friend. You fail poorly. Can you explain the story to me in 5 sentences. Convoluted doesn't mean excellent. That's the problem with the game. The story has turned into a complete mess.

Edit: Don't try to explain that to him. All he hears is...blah blah blah Sony....blah blah blah..MGS.. blah blah blah...Ps3....Blah blah blah Sony.

EDIT: I dare anyone to show me where i was begging for konami to bring this to the 360. Ironic that you're a fanboy and a flamer...ironic.

Omegasyde4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )


First off I am guessing you stating your opinion based off the footage shown. I can see where you think the game will have alot of cutscenes, since alot of the stuff coming out is mainly well..cutscenes.

however did you see that last video of the Assasin's creed/w MGS4 video?

I am guessing you didn't since that was all gameplay.

You also do realize this game comes with a Metal Gear Online starter pack? So well, there is multiplayer there if you have A.D.D.

Kojima has stated he wants the MGs4 to be more than just a game with interactive cut scenes (god of war/Prince of Persia) and would blend in scenes with the actions you take.

So your comment was really ignorant, being you haven't played the game and 2nd you are a troll and hate everything associated with PS3. Btw I do agree MS2 did suck, but MGS3 made up for it twofold.

Edit KevinCox: You have been bashing all things Sony lately and this game is a ps3 exclusive, so it is Sony related. And I thought MGS2 sucked because you were FORCED to play as rayden the sissy boy from south jersy whom had mom dress him until the start of the game.

fenderputty4513d ago

Did you read the same preview that I read? A more open world, amazing radical and innovative gameplay mechanics, awesome attention to detail and the ability to skip whatever scene you want sounds nothing like what you've described.

etownone4513d ago

being there are so many MGS fans on this site....
are you guys really up to par on the story?
i read the backstory to the previous games in some magazine not too long ago, and it just seemed confusing... like a dragged out soap opera.

but game looks awesome, should be ps3 best game.

RecSpec4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

MGS4 is pretty heavily hyped, it is getting seriously close to Halo's hype pre-launch. All it needs is a restaurant promotion and a soft drink spinoff.

If I recall correctly, there wasn't this much hype surrounding 3. There was one, and only one, reason for that. GTA:SA was PS2 exclusive. There wouldn't be this much attention to MGS4 if GTA wasn't multiplatform. The PS2 game to get in 2004 wasn't MGS3. It was GTA:SA. In fact, MGS3's popularity hit it's peak 6 months later. After Subsistence and MGO was released.

sonarus4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

@kevoncox if you don't like mgs then don't play. No one is forcing you. However the sparkling reviews and the millions of worldwide mgs fans disagree with you. We all know this has nothing to do with mgs series but the fact that is exclusive to ps3. That is it nothing more so don't kid yourself. There was only one mgs with an overly complicated story line and that was mgs2. The other story lines were fine and better than 90% of the games that come out. If they were to complicated for you then you must have low brain processing power

Anyways from ign's impressions, you can tell they were quite impressed. Not like i'm surprised. Its hard to not be impressed by an mgs game. Unless you are a die hard 360 fanboy offcourse

RecSpec4513d ago

It seems that he has no problem with the games, just the hype surrounding them.

The Killer4513d ago

they are the ones some months ago were making bogus rumors about 360 will have MGS4, and were begging kojima to release it on their dying console!!!!!


cmrbe4513d ago

MGS4 is the last MGS and the first MG game on PS3. I am pretty sure a good chunk of early PS3 adopters like myself bought the PS3 with MGS4 in mind. These are some of the reasons why MGS4 is hyped more than MGS3. MGS4 is not any where near the hype for Halo 3 and MGS4 deserves it imo. Why?. MGS has the most complex game story i have come across in my 20 years of gaming. It actually makes you think and feel about the characters and the situations they are in. Its an immersive experience and not for those that just like to shoot and blow stuff up. Perhaps this is the reason why its not popular with the general masses. I can go on and on about other stuff like innovative and deep gameplay mechanics but really you guys should experience it to understand.

The Killer4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

1up is the most anti sony website of all time, no wonder they put MGS as the most over rated and hyped game of all time and not halo and gears of war!!!!!!!!!

i played both, halo is a good game 8.0/10
gears of war is 7.0 in my opinion, i played the game till i detonated the bomb in the enemy cave and i thought that was the end and i was happy that i finished it and when i realized it wasnt over i strait away removed it from my pc, ow and by the way i was playing the cracked version(free), and thats the same story with all MS exclusives!!

ow one more thing kevoncox, we all know how many 360 fanboys changed their account so we can never be sure of the new 360 guys over here, and that time i recall all 360 fanboys were claiming MGS4 will come to 360 if konami wants to make money, i think that time was when devil may cry 4 announced to have a simultaneous release with 360!

iHEARTboobs4513d ago

Stop being a prick. You're just trying to get everyone to see your light but you're really alone in the dark. MGS2 was good in my opinion until it got repetative at the later stage of the game. that I wasn't quite fond of but MGS3 is awesome. You don't think so but that's fine. What didn't you like about it? I think 1up needs to update their all time overrated game to Halo 3. Anyhow, how do you think MGS4 is giving you a MGS2 vibe? If anything it gives you more of a MGS3 vibe. Did you play MGS3?

Greysturm4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

I would still get the game if there was zero hype around it, commercial sucess is irrelevant to me regarding this franchise. I am sure everybody has different reasons for liking it but for meit all comes down to the fact that this is probably the only game which has made me think and reflect upon modern reality and the things that make up this crazy world of ours. As good as shooters gameplay and graphics and rpg storylines get they never invited me to analyse beyond. This day and age most games are just about graphics and gameplay which is well and good from a commercial point of view however there is the rare game that has something more to it. For me MGS has been one of those games, and just like art or anything in this billion colored planet does not have universal appeal.

Unlike most people apparently, i loved MGS2 mainly because i wasnt expecting anything for it and i was rewarded with great gameplay, great characters, and an inmersive experience far beyond anything that had come out then. People complain about raiden but they fail to realize that raiden was a necessity to go into the depht the game needed. It needed a clean slate someone to who everything going around him was new in order to be able to depict not only the third party view of snake but of the whole concept storyline. People complain about the cutscenes but a game like this would not havebeen able to be done any other way without making it completly something else.

MGS3 was good but it did not achieve the level of philosophy and storyline of 2 which i understand since the new character the man that shall become big boss was a straight line soldier who did not stop to contemplate the bigger picture but rather did what in his view needed to be done which is reminicent of the MGS1 solid snake with the only differene being that solid snake had more experience by then. A great game in a cmmercial sense but it gave a feeling of emptiness such as the classical kill dont emphatize or understand nature of the bosses with the exception of the boss. However it compensated in the eyes of the majority in the fact that it featured some of the most memorable boss fights of recent years. I have yet to find a game that makes a better sniper battle or such a memorable last encounter.

For MGS4 close up the storyline it only needs to adress the next points:

A) True plan and nature of the patriots (MGS2)
B) The true plan of Liquid Ocelot (MGS2 & MGPO)
C) The truth about big boss and his supposed desertion. (MGPO)
D) The final showdown and death of the snake children.

Anything else wouldbe a bonus but that is the only core components needed to close the storyline.

Omegasyde4513d ago

I bought a Ps3 thinking the same thing and I thought MGS4 was coming out in 2007 along with FFXIII.

If I knew it was going to take nearly 2 for a Socom, MGS4, FF13 and a wipeout game to come out, I would of held off until the 40 gig.

jwatt4513d ago

The bosses in MGS4 are some of the most unique bosses you'll come across. I loved the boss battles in mgs3 ecspecially with with "the End" boss.

sonarus4513d ago

There are far more games that get undeserved hype so no one complaing about MGS hype. Smash bros, halo, gears of war 2. (especially gears of war 2) to me these games don't deserve the hype they are getting. Nothing has been announced for gears besides chainsaw action and 5v5 online and the game came out less than 2yrs ago yet it will be hyped like the second coming. BUT for some reason in th eyes of some gamers, it will be more deserving of hype than MGS4, the last of the series, the first 50GB game, the first to grace a next gen console.

callahan094513d ago

@ Kevincox (1.1)

First of all, there's no need to go name-calling.
Second of all, there ratio of movies to gameplay is about the same in MGS 1 as it is in MGS 2. Play through it again. Tons of codec, tons of cinemas. I love both games, and both games have a ton of "watching" that you have the choice of skipping. You can run around and have fun in MGS2 just as much as you can in MGS1. I tend to think the story in MGS 2 is better than MGS1, but that's just me. I think it's more realistic, and the high concepts in it are very intriguing to me. I think it was the high point of the series, but both games are absolutely brilliant.

Anyway, way to judge MGS4 without ever playing it and making some assumptions about it that, quite frankly, make no sense whatsoever. The game looks to be by far the most different of all the Metal Gear Solid games on the consoles, what with the battlefields and the multiple routes and all. I don't know how you could possibly have read this IGN preview and come to the conclusion that it is the same thing as MGS 2. My guess is that you didn't even read the article, you just decided to go on a bash-fest for no good reason.

The Killer4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

they r hater dont bother with them too much, they r crying for not having MGS4 or because they are forced to buy ps3!

in my opinion MGS1 was the best, then MGS3 then MGS2, because of raiden.
i enjoyed a lot in MGS3 because it was long and i loved the bosses and music and characters in MGS1!!

MGS2 was a bit complicated in story, specially when u reach the end, too much of politics and history and future was going on and raiden was involved in it no snake!

and i expect MGS44 to solve everything and to start the life of a new solid raiden or young snake!
am getting so excited about this game, i stopped buying games for many years now, but with my purchase of ps3 i will shell out some money for MGS4 for sure!!

RecSpec4513d ago

I am a little worried about MGS4 being the last game in the series. There are a LOT of loose ends. I don't want Kojima going the Lucas route and try to tie them up just for a sense of finality.

MGS4 has one of the most convoluted stories in gaming. Which in itself is a problem. Either there will be a hell of a lot of flashback moments. Or newcomers to the series will be left in the dark. I'm guessing the latter, especially since they have a chance to catch up with MGS:EC

cmrbe4513d ago

Recspec. MGS4 will tie up all the loose ends of the MGS saga according to the man himself. The story i believe was never meant to be fully spellout to gamers which is why i love it.

Out of respect for the million plus Halo fans i never said my honest opinion about Halo 3. I do understand that we are all different and we love different sort of games and such which was why i kept my opinion to myself out of respect for them until now when you just mouth off MGS.

RecSpec4513d ago

That's just it though, they will be tied up, but will they be tied up in a satisfying way. I don't want MGS4 to feel like a checklist.

u got owned4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

The game is gonna be awesome, but is not a game for everyone.If you dont like slow pase games full of cuts scenes then metal gear series is not for you. Me personally love the game and is the game that probably is gonna make buy a PS3.

hazeblaze4513d ago

I think Kevon is just a jealous little fanboy. Every single MGS game has been awesome, especially when compared with the other games of their time. There are some people who don't care for story in their games... and for them, MGS would probably suck. But MGS has always been the most innovative series in terms of both story AND gameplay. Everyone loves Snake, but MGS2 was still an awesome game with an excellent story to pick up where the first had left off. MGS4 seems to insanely take it up a few notches by improving on all of the concepts that have made the past games popular. I have no doubts that this will be the best one in the series.

Spinner4513d ago

You don't want to buy into the hype Kevon?

Tell me ... what place were you in line for the Halo 3 launch?

alcaponedya4513d ago

stop it, you're a sony hater.
and if you don't like mgs, i can understand. but with the long paragraphs ur writing, it seems to me like damage control

now GTFO

kwicksandz4513d ago

98 disagrees N4g record?

And how does what he said make him a sony hater. i hate to burst your bubble but MGS games have appeared on sony, MS and nintendo platforms. he is entitled to his views just as you are.

SPARTAAN4512d ago

wow i think your the first to hit the mark

yesah4512d ago this is a preview of mgs4, if you are not interested GTFO, go to some other page. Lol sonarus was actually trying to be civil in his post, and he's a snot nose kid? Yea, why don't you do everyone a favor, and go back to your piss covered Pokemon bedspread, have nap time.

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Fishy Fingers4513d ago

lol... I prey to god no one recommended playing as Raiden for the remainder of the game.

Skerj4513d ago

I hope they did!! You don't wanna play as badass cyborg ninja Raiden?

Fishy Fingers4513d ago

Oh yeah, forgot he's gone bad ass lately.

But in honesty, I hope we get to control him in the ninja suit for at least a level or 2.

Danja4513d ago

dude Raiden is looking cool as hell this time around,,,didn't you see the E3 trailer last year how amazing the fight sequence was...

Omegasyde4513d ago

*Spoiler Alert*

Hate/love Rayden/raiden all you want but Kojima said he will die a martyr.

meepmoopmeep4513d ago

i was/am really hoping to at least play some levels as Raiden and get to battle Vamp for the last time!
hope that will be a surprise we get.


playing as raiden, and effing peeps up in Metal Gear Rex both better have been in the suggestion box !!!

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Kaz Hirai4513d ago

The biggest game of the decade!
What's that I hear? Oh, of course! It's a herd of JEALOUS SWINE! They're here to PRETEND THEY AREN'T INTERESTED!


cmrbe4513d ago (Edited 4513d ago )

Kaz. Your words are very soothing indeed. 2.5 months left.

Edit : CaptainPwn you just owned yourself. You really must be that interested in this game for you to reply.

ForTheFallen4513d ago


chaosatom3334513d ago

After reading statements like "Visually, Metal Gear Solid 4 is even more striking on the console than it has been in released trailers.", no one can do anything but get interested in the game.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 44513d ago

They want it BAD!!! But they WILL NEVER GET IT!!! ;-D
Hmm i can see a MGS5 coming out soon!!! ;-P

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cmrbe4513d ago

Now i know my mother was wrong. I should have studied to become a game mag editor. Freaking hell. I would kill the pope to be one of those 14 lucky bastards.

rawg4513d ago

How awesome would it be to play a pre-release build along side Kojima? Damn - I'm so hyped for this game right now!

HighDefinition4513d ago

is true.

MGS4 is in full effect.