Battlefield Bad Company: Free vs Paid Weapon Stat Comparison

This very special edition of X3F TV will compare the free weapons in the Battlefield: Bad Company beta to the special weapons that will be featured exclusively in the Gold Edition of the game and for sale over the Xbox Live Marketplace when the game launches this summer.

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Omegasyde4246d ago

Are effing kidding me, they already have Downloadable Content already done? The game hasn't even game out yet.

Does anybody see whats wrong with this picture?

EA is really releasing a 90% complete game saving the extra 10% for future profits. Wow.

I can't wait until EA starts charging for Patches, PS3 rumble upgrades, 1080i upgrades...etc.

Boycott EA.

OC_MurphysLaw4246d ago

Given the weapons for purchase are already on the disc (as it appears they are) it makes me think there will be one universal code to unlock.... which means within an hour of this game hitting the market...that code will be up on the web.

Omegasyde4246d ago

I don't know about that...

I.E. The last Need For Speed had a unlockable cheat in which you could buy off XBL and PSN. It wasn't a code it was an actual patch so you could automatically unlock content from the get go.

I was cool with that since A) I didn't have the game and B) it was just an option since you could still unlock the cars from actually playing the game.

If EA does do the code thing, like Ubisoft did with Rainbow 6 Las Vegas 2 that would be idea. However If you look at Battlefield 2 for the PC when it came out, you actually had to buy extra stuff just to get ranks and to play on certain servers (large scale).

What happened to where you buy a game for 50~60$ (USD) and you get dedicated servers, free patches and everyone once in a while a free handout.

It seems like only Bungie (with Halo) and Inconito (Warhawk) do this now. If only the BBB would fine EA with outstanding fines would this "paying extra for stuff that should come with the game"
nonsense would stop.

HighDefinition4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

This is just wrong. Plain and simple. You pay for this, next game you`ll be paying for helicopter use and vehicals, grenades etc.

**If** I do get this, I will not be D/Ling the weapons.

I would advise you to do the same.

Omegasyde4246d ago

Just be buying this game you are feeding the greedy monster known as EA.

I can't wait until Madden 09 where you have to pay extra for a pro-bowl game or to create-a-player.

Dark_Overlord4246d ago

I refuse to buy Burnout Paradise, all the DLC you have to pay for that should have been there in the beggining. EA can go f*ck themselves I'm not that stupid to pay for it.

I'm not gonna boycott EA for this, thats just childish. Theres only 1 company that I refuse to buy there games, and no its not EA. Its Namco Bandai

socalfreek4246d ago

After playing the beta, you do earn your way up the ranks, unlocking items like COD4, so it does require some gaming skills to play. The weapons really don't help you a lot considering your getting blown up all over the map by tanks and mortars. Being a battlefield fan since day one the gold edition will be worth it. Can't see any other FPS games that will compare to this experience for the rest of the year..

Lumbo4246d ago

sorry, but offering better weapons for pay completely warps the competition.

FPS are defined by player skill winning over other players skill on a even battlefield. How can you compete when one side has sticks and stones and the other side has tanks and MG's ?

Selling better weapons for cash is the DEATH of a competitive fps game. You could also go and offer GOD-mode and unlimited ammo while you are at it. EA blew it this time, before we all knew they where greedy mofos, but now we know they traversed the line into lunacy.

ForTheFallen4246d ago

that those weapons are all in the original BF:2. So, they're just including regular content. I'll buy the game, not the weapons.

They're lucky, had this not been Battlefield, I wouldn't have even given this one a second thought...

tony4246d ago

i won't simply buy it.

tony4245d ago

far cry 2 or another game. first time i hear something soo stupid like selling weapons.
i won't get shafted by ea.

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