Titanfall And The Situation Of Forced Hype

Ian Fisher writes: Now most of the time when a game does have a certain level of hype surrounding it such a thing can occasionally be the result of consumers chatting about things on social networking sites or even forums. I know there have been a few times in which I’ve personally stoked the flames of hype for a certain game, so it’s something that we can effectively all do or easily get in on if we see other people doing it. However, at times it does seem like those who are part of the ever illustrious video game press can hype a game up too much that may not really warrant it; case in point being Titanfall from Respawn Entertainment.

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Thatguy-3101985d ago

To be honest there wasn't anything that "impressive" for next gen hardware. Nothing really blew my mind. Some things looked cool but honestly don't see any next gen titles that are a big improvement over what's being offered now.

zerocrossing1985d ago

That's exactly what I've been thinking. Titanfall is an interesting and fun looking game I'll give it that, but its nothing revolutionary or mind blowing.

1985d ago
iconic561985d ago

I PC game a lot, so nothing really took my breath away, but MGS5 definitely got a well respected nod from me. I like where things are headed. Graphics have always been a slow evolution though. I think what a lot of us gamers are failing to see is how the gameplay is also evolving as well. Developers have definitely seem to show much more interest in social aspects of their gaming, whether it's persistent online worlds, true to player AI, or social updates via Miiverse, Twitch, or Ustream. There's a huge focus on online service, which is definitely shoehorned by multiplayer and usage of cloud computing. But something to point out is that DRM is very much a concern for developers. Many have hated the Xbox One for their attempts to handle DRM, but DRM is obviously something that's going to be commonplace, especially when we're seeing single player games that are designed to play online. I personally don't mind. We need to support the industry that gives us arguably the most immersive form of visual entertainment.

On Titanfall: Yeah, I get that it visually doesn't break any ground, but I'm willing to bet that they focused on gameplay running super smooth, which is why they touted using cloud-based dedicated servers. I think people just need to get their hands on the game and see if and how smoothly the matchmaking and online gameplay is on Microsoft's cloud servers. Something that could possibly make or break Xbox Live. I'm sure it'll do fine though.