Rogue Legacy (PC) | FTG Review

FTG Writes: And so goes Rogue Legacy for the PC. A side-scrolling 2D rogue-like that hearkens back to days of Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest by Cellar Door Games. Is this just another 16-bit rogue style game that will be forgotten to the ages or will this one rise above it’s predecessors?

The storyline is fairly simple: Rogue Legacy‘s tutorial walks you through the basics of the game, which has your unnamed knight walking through the halls of a castle and striking down the King residing there. This triggers a series of events which leads to your family’s bloodline being cursed and the royal kingdom sending out the heirs to the throne to break the curse. In order to break the curse, the sons and daughters of the royal family tree are sent, one after another, into this ever-changing castle to defeat the lord and master and his henchmen.

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