Maia hits Greenlight, Roth talks Steam Early Access

Simon Roth brought his sci-fi god game Maia to Kickstarter back in November of 2012 and it was successfully funded with only three days left on the campaign. Maia is still moving along through development, currently in alpha, and Roth has put it onto Steam Greenlight today with a new trailer. After seeing it on Greenlight I contacted Roth to ask about the possibility of Maia ending up on Steam’s Early Access program and it sounds pretty likely.

In regards to Steam Early Access Roth has some realistic concerns: “A Steam early access program would potentially bring in a magnitude more people and I’m not entirely sure it would be entirely manageable in the short term.” However, in the long term he sees how much of a benefit it could be: “Maia is one of those projects that I think will really benefit from a long, thoughtful development process.”

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