Nintendo's President Discusses Region Locking

IGN: "Fans have taken to petitioning Nintendo to change its approach, with over 10,000 supporters pushing the publisher to end its restrictive practices. During E3, I had a chance to ask Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata about region-locking. My question was bundled with our discussion of digital rights management and used games, coming at the last minute during our wide-ranging conversation, which also covered Nintendo's future, struggles and more."

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Xof1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

It's not much of a "discussion."

It's more like a "pathetic attempt at justification that falls apart under the barest of scrutiny."

Which is probably why it's not a discussion. Can't have any dissenting opinions penetrating that thick, fleshy Nintendo hymen.

Uh, I mean bubble.

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gamer421933d ago

Well, to be fair this quote came from Iwata before microsoft announced their change of heart. But really, they need to end this region locking, I personally don't import games, but I do believe in options. They recently refused to comment on the "end region locking" movement for nintendo systems. This isn't a straight forward no, so for all we know they might actually be considering. They might do it to join the region free party with PC, Sony, and MS, or to please the fans, or both. I hope the movement grows to start getting ninty's attention and help them wake up and realize that putting an end to region locking might actually help their console and public appearance. Because denying it will only make them look worse to the everyday gamer's eyes.

PopRocks3591933d ago

I do feel it is a lame justification. I don't see much of a need to remove region locks on Wii U right now and that's mostly because there are no games exclusive to particular regions yet. 3DS on the other hand has a couple of Hatune Miku games I'd really love to play, but the damn system is region locked.

Ignoring users for the sake of parental controls is lousy. I really don't even see how parental controls are so embedded into the region locks. Why not just make that a part of the OS and separate from the region locks?

lizard812881933d ago

The US has very cheap game prices, compared to EU and JPN. Nintendo wants that cash. If people Import from the US, they lose money in said region.

I import games and it is a pain in the ass. Region free would be nice. I bought a JPN 3DS and the E-shop helps alot. I don't have to pay $20 for S&H and wait about 2 months before my game comes in the mail. I pay $60 and I get it instantly. This seems like alot ($60 for a 3ds game), BUT, if I were to import, the game would cost around $100+ and then I would have to wait months before my game even came.