AT&T Wireless CEO Confirms: 3G iPhone Coming In Months

Gizmodo writes:

"We're at an AT&T lunch, and AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega just dropped two meaty bits. First, he said that "I think that you're going to see all our integrated devices be 3G devices.. in the next couple months." Sascha Segan from PC Mag asked if that included the iPhone. De la Vega responded that he would like to repeat himself. Cue fanboy 3G fever!"

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decapitator4479d ago

Now it all makes sense. First the 4GB shortages and then the 8GB...interesting.

PS360WII4479d ago

Well hopefully it's a little more of an upgrade then just 3G.

decapitator4479d ago

I wouldn't be so sure. This. is. Apple. we are talking about here.

PS360WII4479d ago

yeah that's true but this is the mobile business were they will have to change there tone to stay on top at least in this sector.

Fishy Fingers4479d ago

I'm sure there will be more than just 3G support, even if its just something simple like increased memory. They will more than likely add something that cant be done on the current model, just in the hopes of attracting new customers and encouraging current iphone owners to make that "step up" to the newer model.

TriggerHappy4479d ago

Yup. I agree with Fishy Fingers. They will probably do something similar to what Sony did with the PSP and that is to introduce a new SKU that is capable of doing things that the other SKU's won't be able to do.

However, they might introduce some sort of trade-in programs for the early adopters then again, it's Apple and first time adopters will be cheated as always.

Marceles4479d ago

Yeah I hope it's more than just 3G...better photo camera, video camera option, ability to install apps...then I'll upgrade my iphone

Fishy Fingers4479d ago

dude, you can install apps now! Well with a little fiddling.

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Condoleezza Rice4479d ago

Not a first day purchase for me

eagle214479d ago

Just waiting for the tweaks... :)

joydestroy4479d ago

alright Apple, you want my money, you're definitely gonna have to add more than just 3G to a new iPhone. increase that memory to 32gig like the Touch and i'll consider it.

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