Five Amazing Health Benefits of Video Games

Winter from writes:

"Everyone keeps going on about how bad video games are for you but they are blind to the fact video games actually have positive health effects that's right positive as in good! I'm going to explain five amazing positive effects of video games to you right now! If you can't hack the fact video games might actually be good for you then stop reading now."

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Massacre4474d ago

Video games improve our eye sight ? Color me surprised as hell.

decapitator4474d ago

I am just as shocked but the author's other points are pretty much accurate.

Massacre4474d ago

Oh am not saying he is wrong, I am just really shocked about the VG improving eye sight issue thats all...:)

TheTerminator4474d ago

One terrible thing Video Games do is create idiots :D

ianp6224474d ago

I don't see why this got approved as news. The author lists no credentials, no studies, and therefore no reason to believe the list. I'm not saying I disagree with all of them (but the first one? I mean really), I just don't see the point of an article that lists facts based on anecdotal evidence, if even that.

Big Jim4474d ago

My God that article was poorly written! Did a 10 year old write that?

joydestroy4474d ago

do video games really improve your eye sight? i've never heard that one before.

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