CNN Review: Bet on 'Rainbow Six Vegas 2' - 'A 5.5 stars out of 5'

CNN writes: "sequel to a great video game shouldn't mess with the original formula too much, yet should still introduce enough new features and improvements to justify the purchase.

This is precisely what the talented Ubisoft Montreal developers did with "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2," an intense tactical shooter that once again drops you in the middle of Sin City with your elite squad of operatives to put an end to a terrorist siege.

This time you play as team leader Bishop, a veteran sharpshooter tasked with saving the city."

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BigKev454242d ago

Bet against Vegas 2, I say.

Omegasyde4242d ago

Seriously the guy must of showed up to work with a hangover and with a deadline.

"Ow my head hurts. Crap, I have to review this game before Noon or my boss will have my A**. Hmm, I will just read the instruction manual and write off that!"

Asurastrike4242d ago

I'm waiting for someone to say "The C in CNN stands for Clancy".