How to survive your first foray into on-line console gaming

Canadian gaming site Game Focus wants you to have fun in your first online experience. So here's five tips you can't dismiss!

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fenderputty4251d ago

Are completely correct. People that first play online shooters always get hammered. It just takes time to catch on. Use the mute button a lot too for those annoying A-holes. Finding groups of people that you like to play with helps a lot too. gaming with friends always makes the experience better.

LOL @ the author though. He's still clearly a noob too. A positive Kill/Death ratio is a must before you can surpass this status.


...." come with me if you want to live " he says in an Arnie voice ..

SaiyanFury4250d ago

Those are the reasons I avoid online gaming. I'm not going to spend 50 hours online getting better so avoid being killed in various Deathmatch modes. I prefer the single player story mode.