Mark Rubin: Call of Duty 4 DLC - Producer talks about new Modern Warfare content, and more

PlayTM writes: "Interviewing the creator of a new videogame is usually fairly easy fodder - the question set pretty much writes itself. However, when you're talking to the producer of a game already released and ridiculously well-established, what do you talk about? Well, luckily Infinity Ward are this week releasing a new downloadable map pack for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and we took this as the starting point when sitting down with producer Mark Rubin."

Q: The new maps look great, very detailed and rich. How much research and time goes into this DLC?

A: Quite a lot! From an environmental art stand-point we actually send researchers all over the world to look at different locations. We'll send a team of artists with cameras to Chinatown, etc. They go around taking photos of everything, actually, we've sent them to some countries and they end up in trouble.

Becuase they stand there taking pictures of everything, and always attract police officers who want to know what they're doing. They're taking pictures of cracks, bricks, everything. Luckily everything is okay when we say its for a game. It shows, because this really comes out in a level.

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