PlayTM: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review - 'A very juicy morsel'

PlayTM writes: "Although Polyphony has often been accused of a lack of ambition or innovation in the various iterations of their games, their commitment to quality and scope is borne out here is some style. Although there are other games that now offer a lot more bells and whistles (Forza for example with its decals, car damage and sophisticated artificial intelligence) there is still nothing like sitting down in front of the latest Gran Turismo. The eerily TV-like quality of the visuals, coupled with believable sound and an overall pixel perfect solidity lets you know there is an awful lot behind what is happening on screen.

But before we disappear up our own hyperbolic introduction, we need to spare some words for what might have been. GT5 Prologue still seems to exhibit the locked in artificial intelligent drivers that - far from being intelligent - seem unaware of your presence next to them on the track and proceed to drive right into you. This being a Prologue edition the number of cars and tracks are just a sample. You get 71 cars and six tracks (Daytona, High Speed Ring, Fuji Speedway, Eiger Nordwand, Suzuka Circuit and a section of central London). It should also be noted that the Daytona Ring (as its name suggests) is just a loop and is not going to provide much more than a back paddock to introduce friends to the delights of your car collections.

So what is all the fuss about then? Well apart from the GT badge on the front of the game, this is the first time we can properly race in High Definition. Also new this time around is the ability to race against others online. This trilogy of new features is then rounded off by the impressive in-car driving experience - now greatly enhanced by fully modelled interiors. Add to this a smattering of enhancements over the Japanese version such as split screen racing, quick tuning and improved online performance and you have a none-too shabby release."

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vloeistof3850d ago

nice score .. but why not a 9 o well

Cyrus3653850d ago

It still higher than the meta avg. of 8.4