Videogamer: King of Clubs Review - 'It's anti-fun'

What a strange game King of Clubs is, and not in a Japanese, bizarre otaku way either. It's strange in a "I wasn't expecting this kind of game based on the title" way. To me, King of Clubs sounds like a violent gangster epic, perhaps set in the east end of London, or, at a push, some kind of card game. But no. King of Clubs is a crazy golf game set in Vegas. Weren't expecting that were you?

Essentially, it's a puzzler - this is no sim. From a third-person perspective, line up the shot (with or without a white line guide), press X, then adjust the power bar then press X again. The fewer shots you take to get the ball in the hole the more dollars you get, to be spent on super-powered clubs and balls in the shop, but that's pretty much it. We haven't got a problem with simple gameplay, not when it's fun. Unfortunately King of Clubs simply isn't fun. .

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