Grand Theft Auto IV vs. Iron Man

The current issue of Entertainment Weekly features a short but provocative story about the danger that Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto IV could pose to the Hollywood box office when it is released on April 29th.

Writer Nicole Sperling points out that GTA IV shares an audience similar to that of Paramount's eagerly awaited film Iron Man, which is set to release three days after the game hits stores. Could GTA IV gamers wind up skipping the movie on opening weekend in favour of plopping themselves in front of their TVs and game consoles?

The story ends up taking the tone that it is unlikely that a game's release will have any impact on a movie's box office take, quoting a Paramount spokesman as saying "It's crazy to think that young males can't carve out two hours for Iron Man," and an industry analyst as making the claim that it's "the dopiest thing" he's ever heard.

Well, it doesn't sound that dopey to me. In fact, it seems entirely possible that some younger GTA IV players will figure that, having already spent $60 on a game that week, it might be wise to conserve funds. Perhaps they'll see Iron Man later in its run, or, if the film gets bad word of mouth, perhaps they won't....

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BigKev454483d ago

GTA IV man, there is no comparison.

Hellsvacancy4483d ago

nearly all marvel comics 2 movies suck, the punisher, ghostrider, daredevil, a couple of the spiderman flicks and i PAID good money 2 c that garbage, besides most people use torrent sites now 2 download movies, who pays 2 go cinema nowadays, nothins better than the feel of sprawling accros my sofa with a cold beer and a joint with no-body but my missis 2 disturb me ROCK ON GTAIV

TwissT4483d ago

Are they serious? GTA4 versus Iron Man? Iron Man is cool and all but the GTA series is epic.