Sony Has No Stock To Replace Broken PS3 W/BC On Board

GamersReports via NeoGaf writes: "When the BC-less 40GB model was announced some of the Gaf community wondered what would happen to their BC models when they broke.

Well the future is now.

1.5 month ago I sent in my 60GB PS3 to repair (Europe), now that I've called with Sony what's taking them so long all I heard on the phone was:

"Sorry we don't have any stock of the 60GB left and we don't know when a shipment will arrive to replace your unit. Call back in 2/4 weeks for an update."

By that time my PS3 will be gone 2/2.5 months, with no dates as to when I will have one back home. So fellow BC PS3 owners, pray that your unit won't die, because if it does, you may be console less for a couple of months."

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Jack Meahoffer3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I have a old school 60gb unit as well. Would suck if it died. At least MS fixes your unit in a few weeks.

This is what happens when you panic and rip pieces out of your system to reduce the price super fast. MS rushed the 360 to market causing the RROD issue but Sony rushed with an uber feature system that they had to strip down in a rush to reduce price. Guess rushing isn't a good idea on either side.

Snukadaman3877d ago

*Theres no such problems with the ps3*...*this is FUD*..*stop spreading your lies*....*1% failure rate*...Ok enough horsesheit.

ruibing3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well, the fact that Sony still has 80GB models and PS2 basically solves this problem. When my 60GB dies, long after the warranty expires, I'm just going to get a 40/80GB PS3 and a PS2, both of which should cost only a fraction of their current price.

Btw, I didn't know 360 owners actually prayed or performed rituals before turning on their system. I learn something new everyday.

wageslave3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

I hope they're sending these guys some free compensation or something. Waiting that long for a PS3 with the Red Blink of Death sure sucks. Talk about mistreating your customers, sheesh.

3877d ago
wageslave3877d ago

Well, if something did happen (it hasnt), I'd get a repair in about 2 weeks. 100% free.

Now, if only Sony would send me a free fix for the 3 broken PS2s I have in my closet...

Fishy Fingers3877d ago

I'm new so i don't want to over step my mark, but isn't this rubbish meant to be in the open zone?

crck3877d ago

for that 1% failure rate. LOL

gonzopia3877d ago

My 80GB's optical drive died, but I was safely within the exchange period at Best Buy. I took it back but they only had 40's to give. I explained that I wanted the BC, the extra USB ports, blah blah... and made them promise to exchange for an 80 the next time they had some in, even if that's past the normal 30-day grace period. I figure the next time they'll have one is when the MGS4 bundles arrive, and until then I have a 40 to keep me busy...


Vito_corleone3877d ago

yeah cause having 16% failure rate is treating ur costumers good, Right?

Sez 3877d ago

good luck on that one. i still waiting for them to reinburst me for the two i had to pay to get fixed.

AllroundGamer3877d ago

that number 16% or 33% was just made up by Microsoft to calm down their "customers", the real number is much much higher considering the complaints of friendly xbox owners or of people posting on forums...

Vito_corleone3877d ago

AllroundGamer -

okey thats what i suspected ;)

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43877d ago

I think by Summer Europe will have the 80GB PS3's so hopefully this won't be a problem. Hopefully they will be PS2 B/C to.

pandabear3876d ago

I'm in the UK and my 60gb started freezing a few weeks ago so called Sony and I had a replacement 60 GB in 2 days - no probs whatsoever so I don't think there is such a problem.

I call bull!!!!

Lifendz3876d ago

I guess we should all hold our breath and not point the finger at MS and their 13-30% failure rate /end sarcasm.

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Lew_Ijgee3877d ago

It's a good thing that the system is so reliable or this could have been a huge problem. Although, I guess if the system did have a higher failure rate then they would still be producing more of the hardware for the BC functionality.

VirusE3877d ago

As a 60 gig owner this is a bad thing in my opinion. Electronics die it’s a simple fact. My Sony Xbr 800 recently died with no warning what so ever. I don’t mind if things break as long as I am given good service in regards to my repair. It’s like getting food at a restaurant and having the order botched; I don’t care if my order is messed up as long as the restaurant makes good and compensates me for their mess up. 2.5 months is inexcusable regardless of the failure rates of the ps3. Not one person in this thread would be cool waiting that long. The ps3 being reliable doesn’t make up for crappy customer service when a problem does arise. It's easy for you 40 gig guys to dismiss this but i paid 600usd for a 60 gig and if it does go down i get treated with less respect than the guys with a 40 gig who paid 400 bucks. The owners with the higher end ps3 systems that cost more are getting the shaft if a problem does arise. I am sorry but that pisses me off.

Marceles3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Yeah that would suck...I've been fortunate enough to not have a system ever breakdown on me, but if my more expensive 60 gb died and they were only able to send me a 40GB back, I'd be heated. I'd even be mad if they sent me an 80 gb. I can always buy another HDD, but the board with the EE chip on the original 60 GBs are priceless at the moment.

Sarick3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I explained that european PS3 60gb models wheren't fully EE chipped from the start.

So basically the european systems are similar to a PS3 80gb model with 20gb more HDD. The 60gb PS3's in europe aren't the same as the 60gb US ps3's. They're more like the 80gb with 60gb hdds.

If this system has full EE it's no wonder Sony *Europe* has a hard time replacing this model. It's clearly from the wrong region. They never produced full EE enabled PS3s in europe so the supply is going to be very limited. This PS3 is obviously very rare european model or it's imported. I just wanted to point this out.

Hopefully, this will clear a few things up because people are missing a few important facts.

It's like a car in the USA being imported to europe. The steering wheel is on the left side. You just can't walk into a dealership and ask them to replace the dashboard in 1 day because, chances are that IMPORTED car doesn't have the same standard dashboard in europe.

I don't think that's an excuse though for a 2 month wait though. It's not like they can't have an import rush shiped. I'm thinking these supply issues are here because the imported versions have an extremely limited supply in the european warehouse and their using bulk cargo shipments to resupply them to save money.

On a final note did Sony stop producing 80gb PS3s entirely for europe? If they did then I understand this article more. If not it doesn't make a lot of sense aside from making negative press.

fenderputty3877d ago

I have a 60 gig and NEVER use the BC though. I wonder if one could actually just get the 80 gig as a replacement with all the old data on it?

Either way, reliability doesn't seem to be much of an issue with the PS3 and I hope it stays that way. Lord knows I don't want to have to send it in for repairs even if it only took two days.

Fishy Fingers3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Well I guess that's the right thing to do. At least they didn't stick a 60gb drive in a 40 model and send it back hoping he'd never discover.

Fortunately the PS3 is seriously reliable so this isnt a problem that should be suffered by many.

Also, this guy must be quite soft, I'm an absolute nightmare for this kind of thing, I'd ring, e-mail and pester them everyday until they caved in and gave me some freebies.

Marceles3877d ago

lmao...i would ask a random person to put on a Sony T-shirt and punch them in the stomach if they ever put a 60 gb drive in a 40 gb and sent it back to me, but that would be funny if it ever happened

Exhaust3877d ago

You know there's more than just BC missing from a 40gb, right? Most glaring would be the 2 less USB ports in the front sticking out at you everytime you look at it. Lack of memory card slots and door...