The Six Most Useful Free Applications

Webupon writets:

"I have spent too much of my spare time scouring the corners of the internet, looking for applications to fulfill my many (and often unusual) needs. This has led me to publish what (in my opinion) are the six most useful free applications out there."

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decapitator3948d ago

I have gimp and its awesome. A great program for amateurs and pros.

wow4u3948d ago

Ive used Photoshop, and GIMP. But is vastly better than GIMP.

Fishy Fingers3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

*cough* torrent *cough* CS2 *cough*

oh excuse me....

Fishy Fingers3948d ago

True. I'm just using CS2 v.9 so it popped into my head first.

Finalfantasykid3948d ago

I have notepad++(best html/php editor I have ever used)
Mozilla Firefox
Ad aware

All are great programs!

hades073947d ago

If anyone is interested in more free good programs, check out It's a really good website and everytime now I reformat mine or anyone else's computer I go to that website first to get all the programs I need.

jedistev3947d ago

i didnt know that CS3 is free software...CS3 is good for Fat cat who can afford this( please don't tell me u use download from Warez)

i'm tutor myself, i often teach students to use and GIMP as well...cos most student cant afford so called expenisve software like M$ and Adod€...

as programmer myself i often use NetBean IDE, it best programming software around and free
.....and Apatna Studio IDE as well..for web application & javascript

and why not became urself as games designer

for 2d platform use Platform Studio and it great and free

if you want more heavy than platform

try XNA with Visual Studio Express C## (for xbox360) but good way to learn games

ChickeyCantor3947d ago

CS3 will only be better if you are actually gonna make use of the new features. Goes for any program.

Where is open office?

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Covenant3948d ago

Also: Open Office, VLC Media Player, Handbrake, CCleaner.

Fishy Fingers3948d ago

VLC is easily the best media player available, including one's you need to pay for. Ok, it isn't pretty, but it works soooo well.

And CCleaner, I love that great little piece of software.

I couldn't live without either now.

Still_Breathing3948d ago

I tried VLC player. Didn't like the interface, I really like GOM player.

kcdude3948d ago

Glad you said OpenOffice, I was very surprised not seeing it on the list.

xplosneer3948d ago

Yes I agree. Why pay $200 for Works Suite when you can get Open Office free? This is easily the most money-saving device here. And it kills Notepad too for people who don't script often.

MicroDeath SoftStar3948d ago

VLC is great , works even better on mac and linux then in windows

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IdleLeeSiuLung3948d ago

People keep telling me how great AVG Free is. My experience is it is a piece of cr*p, free or not!

It always run at the wrong times, takes up huge processing power and gives me a bunch of errors in Vista. That is far the worst anti-virus I used next to McAffee and Norton.

SKUD3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

I've had much success using avast anti virus. Free for personal use.

sticky doja3948d ago

Set AVG to run at a time when you WON'T be using your computer. It is a system hog when it is doing its daily scan but if you set it to run while you are asleep, such as 3am like I do, then you will never notice it.

I don't know about the Vista problems but it runs great in XP. Speaking of Vista problems does anything work right with Vista?

MicroDeath SoftStar3948d ago

yup , no such thing as a good / free antivirus program . kaspersky or Nod 32 are the only 2 you should be looking at

IdleLeeSiuLung3947d ago


That is the problem. It runs at the wrong time of the day although set to something else. Worse it also gives a bunch of errors.... This happens on different computers.

I used it on Win XP, but not long enough to form an opinion. Bottom line is, virus scan themselves causes more problem then they are worth. The bottom line is, don't open documents you do not know where it came from. Email attachments should be scanned at the mail server level. Have a firewall turned on at all times and learn how to use it. Problems solved! If all else fail, try Zonealarm with the virus scanner. It worked decently enough for me....

In the 20+ years I have used computers, I have never contracted a virus.

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InMyOpinion3948d ago

I'd like to recommend Firebug. It's an extension to Firefox that let's you code in realtime(while you browse, change the background color of the page you're currently watching etc), without having to click the 'refresh' button. Very useful.

Tryst3947d ago

Yeah, Firebug is awesome!

Skynetone3948d ago

ccleaner {one click solution for your computer clean-up} has a great reg cleaner aswell {not very aggressive but it does the most obvious problems with the reg}

avg free {not as good as a paid for version, but amazing for a free program and its light on resources compared to norton, which brought my pc to a crawl

JLC's Internet TV {light / simple / works perfect}

SpywareBlaster {light / simple / works perfect}

Spybot - Search & Destroy and ad-aware work well together {solid but im still looking for the best} any one got any ideas on the best anti spyware scanner

old free version of RegCleaner from geeks {shows me exactly what reg entries were entered when a program installs} one click removal of all reg entries for a program

mru blaster {cleans what ccleaner cant}

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