DualShock 3 controller Unboxxed at GamingNexus

GamingNexus just received in one of the first DualShock controllers and has posted some initial images and thoughts on the controller including comparison picks with the existing SixAxis controller

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Blackcanary4478d ago

One thing i wanna know does the PS button light up with a red light like the LED button on the PS2 game pads.

joydestroy4478d ago

nope. no LED on the pads except for on the front like current sixaxis.
that's why these DS3 stories are gay. the pads are exactly the same except the color of the DS3 isn't see through and it's heavier due to the rumble in them.

level 3604478d ago

Old news...

This is the new - Sony will be discontinuing the Sixaxis pad, and believe most shops will now give a very big discount on the Sixaxis just to dispose of them ( might be around 50-70+ percent off the retail price ).
Also the DualShock3 will be the standard in the box for all new buyers' of the PS3 console.

joydestroy4478d ago

i can't wait to see how much they discount the sixaxis controllers.
i'm gonna try and sell both of mine for just 50 bucks so i hope they don't take 50% off in store.

thewhoopimen4478d ago

I'm glad they made the controller bigger. It's about time that Sony took into consideration their audience. I've been using mine now for a week, and at first i thought it was the weight that made these controllers feel comfortable, but the pics show otherwise. Great!