MGS4 April Fool's Surprise HD Video

Jade Raymond has an announcement that you won't want to miss. Check it out! HD video after the jump.

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Fishy Fingers3852d ago

LOL, that's brilliant! Easily the best "April 1st" news we got.

On a serious note, has anyone seen that MGS footage before? It's new to me.

C_SoL3851d ago

It's brand new....those machines are creepy...Did u see the new environment in the end?

HighDefinition3852d ago

I was already gonna get it, the moment it was announced. But, this video is enough.......I`m hype. Don`t need to see anymore.

pwnsause3852d ago


belal3852d ago

this been posted before ?

Fishy Fingers3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

Doubtful, wasnt it only release yesterday? Or have you seen this before?

I like to think I'm "down" with everything MGS but I haven't seen this.

Adamalicious3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

I guess they're saying it's new because this one is in HD.

Fishy Fingers3852d ago

Thank you for providing a link. It's much more appreciated than people clicking disagree when they know the answer but wont supply it.


fopums3852d ago

wonder if that will be unlockable for the final game.....

Fishy Fingers3852d ago

Great idea!

They obviously have it all running in-engine so I couldn't see why not. I guess it would be down to Ubisoft.

But i hope your right.

fopums3852d ago

Yeah, hope so

like you said, its in game for that vid at least, so copy and pasting into the final code couldnt be that hard, and judging by the freindly atmosphere Jade and Hideo seem to have...who knows

maybe the next AC will get a Ninja Raiden skin!

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The story is too old to be commented.