Sony Non-Shocker: Sixaxis Discontinued

MTV writes:

"I got my DualShock 3 controller from Sony today. The new controller, which goes on sale in North America this week, will make my Sony games start rumbling ASAP.

But unboxing my DualShock 3 made me wonder about my PS3's Sixaxis controllers. Are they the old hotness?

A Sony rep tells me that the Sixaxis is indeed on the way out: "Sixaxis will no longer be offered after it's completely sold through at retail (likely by the summer timeframe).""

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Fishy Fingers4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

So what happens if one of your SIXAXIS goes bad and you want to exchange. Do you recieve a DS3? If so, I have a funny feeling my controller's might be going for a swim lol.

fenderputty4243d ago

has the time passed? You might want to make sure they don't have features like cellphones in them letting Sony know you tampered or dropped the thing in water.

I'm getting one. I have two sixaxis controls already and only need one more. I don't like to use rumble for all games but, games like motorstorm rumble was missed.

decapitator4243d ago

This was expected. I will be keeping my sixaxis though.

Blasphemy4243d ago

I haven't tried the the new dual shock yet but I am fine with sticking with the SIXAXIS because I perfer the light weight and I don't even use rumble when gaming anyway.

pwnsause4243d ago

im not suprised. im getting a dualshock controller as soon as possible before the MGS4 launch, cause that controller is possibly going to sell out since you need that controller to get the best MGS experience possible.

Lord Anubis4243d ago

what's the release date for the DS3

Tempist4243d ago

DS3s are shipping in the US/Canada. I guess they wanted to stockpile them like bombs. Not to mention I speculate they'll do a call back for the normal SIXAXIS for upgrades.

Either way, we're getting them... some time this month.

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The story is too old to be commented.