PS3 EyeToy Enigma

- SCE's EyeToy mastermind Richard Marks disconfirms everything known about the PS3's camera.

EyeToy was a significant success for Sony Computer Entertainment -- its American hype has cooled since launch, but the camera is very popular in Europe and still gets use every now again in PS2 games worldwide -- and the company is eager to explore the avenues opened by the PlayStation camera accessory.

Despite this momentum, some answers regarding SCE's plan for EyeToy were not made as clear as we would have expected. The camera is not packed in with the system, for one, relegating the feature to the realm of accessories instead of instant mass-audience use. And SCE has made no announcements on release plans for an EyeToy outside of Japan (where Eye of Judgment is planned as a launch timeframe game.)

At SCE's Gamers Day, IGN were able to corner EyeToy designer and spearhead promoter Richard Marks about the EyeToy.

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Mr Pumblechook4470d ago

This week Phil Harrison said that a new EyeToy will be released early next year. Personally, Sony got it wrong by not giving away with the first million PS3s

"GI: When do you think we’ll see the next-gen Eye Toy?

Harrison: Early next year."