The "Weigh In" takes on the Video Game Blame Game

James From Writes

"With the the gag order removed from me by a District Court of
Appeals I can finally vent some things and hopefully educate the rest now. First thing I am going to tackle on the "Weight In" is video game legislation and you.

Video games have become the escape goat for the new era, in the same way movies were in the 80's to how music was in the early to late 90's now video games have been put under a microscope and watched by almost every special interest group with too much free time. I guess helping people out and trying to make a difference for these people is too much so they would rather sit around and b*tch about a video game. Let's jump into the way back machine here and go to back 1992 when an arcade game came out that changed everything, the game in question was Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat changed the landscape of gamers and games from the moment it arrived in arcades. Gamers would travel great distances to play these button mashers to show their skills, but then people got concerned that the game was too violent and needed the government to step in to protect the youth from these violent images, not realizing they could watch the news back then and see us engaged in Operation Desert Storm and see real killing violence but that was okay. So before the government could step in and take over the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) was created to give games a rating in the same respects as movies, music, and now TV shows. For the most part the government was happy they did not have to step in and pretend to give a damn like they do, and everyone else seemed happy because now games came with an easy to understand rating that parents could understand too."

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