Antiperspirent PS3 Controllers - Just in case you sweat when you play

Logitech will release the Game Controller Chill Stream for the PS3 to Japan on 12/7, about a month following the system's 11/11 launch. The selling point (and namesake) of the Chill Stream is a built in fan which cools your hand down as you play. The fan can be set to Off, Low or Hi settings.

Surprisingly, despite the built in cooling system, the Chill Stream will retail for the tax inclusive price of 4,480 yen (about $38), less than the 5,000 yen Sony is asking for the official Sixaxis controller. Importers can look for the new controller in black and silver varieties.

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Scythesean4473d ago

will it have the tilt fuction? If so I know what controllers I'm getting rather then the $50 ones sony is selling. Also is it wireless and will the batteries be rechargeable and replaceable. This is a good thing if they are because it would be a lot better then sonys option on sending them in if the battery dies.

THWIP4473d ago HAS to be wireless, since the PS3 doesn't give you an option for wired controllers. The tilt function would have to be there as well, for it to be licensed as an official PS3 replacement accessory.

HiSpeedSoldier614473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

If you are so out of shape that you sweat profusely while lying around and PLAYING videogames, Purchasing this controller should be the last concern on your list, way behind getting out and burning off some of that flab.

"In my eyes, I'm not lazy. In my face, its not over. In your room, Im not older. In your eyes, im not worth it. GIMME BACK MY ALCOHOL!!"

Scythesean4473d ago

well i'm not outa shape I'm very athletic and I do notice that if I have been playing games for awhile that my hands might sweat a little. It's normal for a lot of people, it's just the like using a mouse for a long time your hand gets oily or sweaty depending on the tempature and how much your getting into the game.

Nothing to do with you being fat or outa shape.

ThaTeflonDon4472d ago

Actually it may be useful to some. I have a friend who has this problem where he sweats all the time on his palm. And he is no where near over weight. He's almost under weight I would say. But its a condition called "Hyperhidrosis" ...and I know I use to hate getting the controller back from him. It was always dripping wet. More info on the condition below:


D R Fz4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

This could be great but some fanboys dislike everything and anything that has to do with Sony, so they will vote lame on anything that is remotely innovative on Sony's part. Even if it means we can be more comfortable while playing games. Hispeed, if its not necessary at the time, just turn off the fan. That's why we have switches.

HiSpeedSoldier614473d ago

I don't dislike this product because I am an anti-sony fanboy (quite the contrary, I have absolutley no interest in the xbox 360. PS3 will be the pinnicle of next-gen gaming; 360 geeks can keep denying it like O.J. Simpson or they can accept it and keep enjoying their second-rate xbox 360) it just seems like such a stupid idea, even though now I understand that this controller will have its place in the peripheral market, no matter what.

Sphinx4473d ago

...until I think of the many times I wipe my hands on my pants while I'm playing some intense videogames. I'm not fat either, just a guy whose palms get a little moist! I hope they make something like this for the Xbox360.

Buckyman4473d ago

I am not out of shape at all, and my hands tend to sweat a good bit while i play video games, especially when I get really into them...I think this is a very good idea, and this controller will do well....of course that also depends on whether of not it is confortable, has tilt, and is wireless...but hey! I cools your hands, thats cool enough.

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The story is too old to be commented.