Top 5 Blu-ray Laptops

With Blu-ray winning the format wars and prices for its drives dropping, there is no better time to hop onto the next-gen optical standard. Where once you had to fork out almost S$7,000 (US$4,453.49) for a VAIO AR laptop, which used to the be only line carrying a Blu-ray writer, cheaper alternatives have been popping out of the woodwork.

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Massacre4247d ago

30 Minutes?!?...That will be epic. I am happy they also have weapon customization in the game ala Crysis. Hope this one works better though.

PS: Am sure some people will complain about the long Cutscenes but for me as an MGS fan, that is what makes me love the series :)

decapitator4247d ago

Damn, 30 Minutes ? Am sure the story will be epic. Hype + 1000

acetw1n4247d ago

Drebin runs specials on certin dayz!!!

Fishy Fingers4247d ago

In future surely it's easier to delete your dup story and re-post this new one? It help's to avoid confusion.