Microsoft: Lite-On NOT making Blu-ray 360 drives

Microsoft have told TechRadar that Lite-On are NOT making Xbox 360 drives, despite internet rumours to the contrary

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Covenant4249d ago

Are they? Are they not?

While I think that MS will eventually get BR for the 360, it would be nice to know for sure, one way or the other, and stop all this rumor-mongering.

whoelse4249d ago

Why am i not surprised.

trancefreak4249d ago

I wouldnt rule this out ms sells alot of add ons for the 360. i mean if people pay for a $99 wireless adapter and other expensive accessories then why not a blu ray drive. i dont see a problem with an optional blu ray drive, it probably would be cheaper than a standalone player but more compared to a ps3. the option would be there at least if you are a high def movie fan.

trancefreak4249d ago

i didn't realize they were talking about an internal drive now that would be interesting.

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