Call of Duty 4 fans review Variety Map Pack

A weapons engineer in the Royal Navy and a guy with real world weapons and tactics experience, who happen to be huge Cod4 fans, review the upcoming Call of Duty 4 map pack.

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iHEARTboobs4482d ago

Sounds goood. I'm waiting on these!

DiabloRising4482d ago

I'll be passing on these. The lag has just been unbearable on the PS3 ever since the update patch, and frankly its making the game just NOT fun anymore. Disappointing too, since I love this game, but if my magic bullets don't HIT anything... well, bring on MGO and Resistance 2 unless IW wants to add some more servers or up the bandwidth requirements for game hosting.

kornbeaner4482d ago

Agreed, Just traded mines in for hot shots golf

Close_Second4482d ago

...I have experienced a lot less lag and have ended up hosting even more. However, IW need to release a fix for the lobby system to ensure you never connect to a game where you'd be playing with 1 red bar. I also hate quitting a game (becuase of 1 red bar) only to end right back in it when I look for another game.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, COD4 is the best on-line experience wrapped in a dogs turd of a lobby system.

DiabloRising4482d ago

Glad to see you've had less problems. But my connection is top notch, and I usually have 4 green bars. I don't know what it is, but something with the hit registration is up. I get maybe ONE good game a night out of 15, which is just... well, I shouldn't have to deal with that.

I was in a 4 green bar game the other night, and I STILL saw some amazing sights...

- A for launched an RPG at me... while he was still in the RPG reload animation.

- 3 Stopping Powered M16 shots hit my foe, all registered, he didn't die, then turned and knifed me from about 10 feet.

Many of my friends are having this issue too. It seems to be sporadically placed around the country, and I have no idea what I can do to fix it, since I've done everything I can on my end. Truly upsetting.

Close_Second4482d ago

...before the latest patch I was quitting 30 games a night until I either ended up hosting or found one with a 2 yellow or 3 green bar connection. After the patch I'm quitting around 10 games per night.

What I find utterly annoying is how the lobby groups several players together and then the games starts only to be ended automatically because no one has a good connection to the host. Why in hell group those players together in the first instance?

Infinity Ward really have no idea as to creating a good console lobby system. The best lobby for a console COD game was for COD3 but that was not created by IW.

iHEARTboobs4481d ago

Mine has been laggy too but i'm not sure if it's my connection. It might but i can't do anything about it because i jack my neighbors. :)
On another note, wasn't the patch supposed to take everyone back to the lobby if the host leaves the game??

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Angrychinchilla4482d ago

I love how he says "this is definitely the map you will spend a lot of time on."

If only we could choose...

iHEARTboobs4481d ago

you can if you set up your own game with your friends.


don't hold a gun to my head on this, but i heard the network code was out sourced to EA. its one of those things a friend on my friends list has a friend who is a games tester. I am not sure if i believe it myself, but it would explain why the game is so great, but the lobby system is so FFuk up.

From what i understand now, hosting is based on how fast your ping is. i am no networking expert, but if you know how all that works you may know how to take advantage of it better.

i feel like not playing the game out of protest because the update has messed it up and its interesting to hear its the same for the ps3.

in the same light i also no a few people that love the update and have no problem with it, but most of the people i know hate it. A lot of them have already stopped playing it. i only play it because there is nothing better to play and i play a lot of clan matches.