NPD: 72% of U.S. Population Played Games in 2007; PC Named 'Driving Force in Online Gaming'

Shacknews writes:
"A report issued today by stat-tracking firm The NPD Group claims that 72% of United States residents played some sort of video game across 2007, representing an 8% jump from 2006.

Along with console and PC efforts, NPD's classification of video games includes mobile phone releases as well.

According to the firm, 40% of United States residents played an online game in 2007, with that figure expected to rise 2% in 2008. A whopping 90% of those who played online in 2007 reported using a PC to do so, with NPD describing the PC as "the driving force in online gaming."

Only 19% of online players stated that they played online with a console, with the Xbox 360 accounting for half of that figure. Interestingly, Xbox 360 owners were reported to spend the most time gaming online per week, respectively followed by PC and PS3 gamers."

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PS360WII4244d ago

In this regards it's no wonder why Nintendo doesn't go fully online. Japan hasn't ever really been into online gaming and in the US only 19% of console owners play online... well according to this study plus half of that 19% are just online with the 360.

Pretty big online numbers for PC though.

THWIP4244d ago

Without WoW, PC wouldn't be CLOSE to consoles in online gaming. :o

PS360WII4244d ago

True but without the 360 there would only be half the percentage of console online users. WoW and 360 are the handicaps I guess... yet the researchers said the online casual games are whats driving that percentage up for PC.

jinn4244d ago

without videogames, life wouldnt exist

TurdStationPee4244d ago

lol ps3 last? how surprising.

heyheyhey4243d ago

you dedicate your life to making the PS3 look bad, and you have no friends

how surprising

heyheyhey4243d ago

holy sh!t thats huge

have fun trying to stop the industry Jack Tretton and Boris Johnson

im sure that at least 50% out of those 72 is more casual than fullt-time hardcore like us, but still- they buy games and support the industry