God of War maker Jaffe talks

Interesting interview with David Jaffe.

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The Killer4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

i am a software engineering and am good at it except with programming, so i hope i will find a good job as a software engineering without programming requirement

decapitator4249d ago

Jafeeee...ahem. Great Interview.

kornbeaner4249d ago

I would love the chance to meet this guy 1 on 1 and just pick his brain for a few hours. Kojima and Jaffe are my 2 favorite designers/producers in the modern age of videogames.

GCO Gamer4249d ago

this guy is aways talking about something

Tut4249d ago

At least it is something worthwhile and somewhat influential though.

This guy is a hero to some people. =)

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