New*Metal Gear Solid 4 preview+screens

This is the freshest news we have on MGS4, out today!

At the moment its all in French.
Stay tuned for a translation on the way.
You'll want to see the screens though, a lot of them released.

Hit the jump for more.

The screens are highly detailed and MGS4 just gets more awesome with every new piece of info released.


UPDATES* a bit on the translation:
There are cutscenes that last 30+ minutes!
The screens are from the old build of last year;
nanomachines play a big role in mgs4, they contribute in a sense to the change of how war is fought. The author can't be more specific though (nda prolly).
- all cutscenes are real time
- some cutscenes are very long (30 minutes even for some)
- some cutscenes are controllable. For example: during the briefing in the second mission, you can choose different camera angles.
- some graphical elements make the game come to life: birds flying over, cables swaying in the wind, a lot of explosions, etc.)
- still a lot of aliasing but nothing serious
- still some framedrops but a lot better than it was at tgs07
- explosions, fire and smoke effects are amazing
- you really think you are on the battlefield, thanks to the ambiance and sound in the game (a lot of credibility in the environments).
- synchronisation in speech not perfect yet, but Kojima promises it will be in the final version.
- new animations (snake reaches for his shoulder sometimes because he's in pain), new cqc movements, rolling barrel is a great addition
- solid eye and mkII have a battery that will autocharge when not in use

Courtesy of NeoGAF.

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Heaven_Or_Hell4246d ago

I'm french and I can undertand all this article... but can't do the translation, too hard xD

Anyway, even you can't understand this preview, I can say that the game is gonna rocks for ages =D

HeartlesskizZ4246d ago

is not even JUNE yet and all this MGS4 stories are making me so nervous and screaming for the game =P

she00win994246d ago

if you are using firefox, you can translate it all in english..

Heaven_Or_Hell4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Here there's what I can translate, sorry for the (maybe) poor grammar ^^

-The tester was able to play MGS4 almost entirely. From beginning to end !

-Their mission was to provide guidance for Kojima's team to correct the eventual gameplay problem or other during three day

-There were 4 levels of difficulty:
Liquid Easy
Naked Normal
Solid Normal
Big Boss Hard
But only the third level was available

-The transition from cut-scene and gameplay is in real time, no black screen

-The interactive cinematic used for example to find a bonus

-The shadows are often shaky and pixelated, like many other games

-The textures are not the most sharp and fine that we have been seeing on next-gen consoles

-The tester conplains about framerate drop for example, when moving from a closed environment to an open space, 60FPS to 25FPS...However it's far better than the TG 07 built

-The view distance is more than satisfactory

-The soundscape is awesome!

-The tester warns us: the game's experience will not be the same without the DualShock 3


Close_Second4246d ago

...correct then I for one am disappointed to hear about the low texture detail and framerate drops. Escpeiclaly since you can see the same texture being used many times in the same scene.

As I said below, these images do not reflect the 50GB monster thats being hyped at the moment.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4246d ago
tfur4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Some of these images are absolutely incredible.

Close_Second4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Some look ok but many just don't look finished in terms of texture detail, lighting and shadows. All I have heard for the last 12 months is how MGS4 is going to set new benchmarks and I have to say I don't see that in these screenshots.

Take a look at the shot with that little robot (?) in the foreground. That image is a real mixed bag. For instance, the ground is all dusty yet the robot leaves no tracks. It also looks clean as though it was just dropped in. Take a look at the two genetic twins taking cover behind the sand bags (upper left) in the same image. Looks like they copy pasted the same guy into the scene.

I'm also a little miffed as to the low polygon count. Look at the arches, not very curved at all. Also, in the last image the guy kneeling down has an angular rear end. In the same image (the last one) the environment textures also look flat - just look at the ground the characters are standing (and kneeling on). Also, where the heck are the character shadows? Look at the shadows being cast in that last image and it looks really unconvincing.

Don't get me wrong, MGS4 looks well, solid. But it in no way is convincing me that this 50GB monster is going to set new standards.

tfur4246d ago

Ok man... you go with that... no tracks?, low poly?, angular ass cheek?, ground texture?

Keep up the fight man, while the rest of the world plays this masterpiece...

This game is looking incredible... and these are just stills...

predator4246d ago

ok as much as i cant wait for this game...........

30 MINUTES cut scene's are a bit to much

TheExecutive4246d ago

i tend to agree with you, however we will have to see the cutscene maybe its really really good. it better be or I am just going to have to skip it.

Mercutio4246d ago

Also, the cut-scenes are interactive so you'll be doing stuff while you're watching it.

tfur4246d ago

I will spending this time sipping a glass of wine, smoking a cigar, and acknowledging the genius that is Kojima-san...

Alcohog4246d ago

The end of MGS3 had to be around 30 minutes, wasn't it? I remember my girlfriend at the time was about to tell me something, and I was like "hold on real fast while I watch this cutscene". 30 minutes later, I believe she was sharpening her nails to assist in the removal of my testicles.

sonarus4246d ago

lol bring it on kojima. Like i said if you don't care for the story, just fwd or skip it. Yea and the cut scenes are interactive. Bring it on yo.

fenderputty4246d ago

30 min is a really long time but, I've always viewed MGS as a blend of RPG story telling with third person stealth shooter action. As long as they're interesting, bring it on.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4246d ago
bumnut4246d ago

that will push my attention span to its limits (and probably beyond)

HeartlesskizZ4246d ago

dont forget that its been confirm on the Kojima Report/podcast that you "CAN" pause the scenes and take a break or drink something then get back to the movie =D

Devr4246d ago

Really? Awesome, I really missed that feature in MGS3.

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