Link Between Online Gaming and Violence Killed Off

Canadian gaming site Game Focus reports an interesting study from Ms. Jane Barnett and her colleagues at Middlesex University in the UK regarding the link between online gaming and violence.

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RiseOfMonster3853d ago

The link between gaming and immaturity remains...

lol, middlesex.

jkoz3853d ago

Gotta love the integrity of N4G's news. Make an unrealistic statement and place it as the title for a vaguely related story. If one study can "kill off" the link, then I suppose we're close to world peace and solving any food shortages we have in the world.

Gam713853d ago

The BBC did a documentary on violence caused by videogames a few years ago on children including triplets (2 girls and one boy) They found no link whatsoever.

In fact they found certain skills with the triplets to be better than their classmates (i forget what) also the presenter played halo 2 with the boy who was I think around 6 and started shooting the boys character to which the boy kept trying to get him to stop and work together to fight everyone else.

he got quite upset that the presenter wouldn't work with him and in the end the presenter did.

He was almost shocked at this reaction. guess he likemost non-gamers believed what he had read.