Barack Obama: 'Parents should clamp down on games'

MCV: US senator and Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has told American parents that they need to curb the amount of time their kids spend playing video games.

Obama, 46, told a packed Wilkes Hall in Pennsylvania, US to "turn off the television, turn off the video games", adding that "Government can't do everything".

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TheExecutive4513d ago

the government shouldnt do anything not everything. Its up the parents

BrianC62344513d ago

I agree with you on that. Why does the government have to tell parents what to do? Can't parents figure out how to raise their kids? I agree with Obama too. Turn off the games and TV. Stop using them as a babysitter. Look at the ratings on the games you buy your kids too. I have no problem with having a rating system. Too bad so many parents are clueless when it comes to checking the ratings on games though.

Skerj4513d ago

Freaking thank you Obama, parents need to own up to the responsibility of being PARENTS now instead of caregivers. Getting lazy with their child rearing.

Condoleezza Rice4513d ago

I thought,"oh boy,here we go".But I am quite surprised that gamers actually UNDERSTAND why Obama wants parents to be more involved in their kids playtime

BrianC62344513d ago

Condoleeza - I think most gamers agree, games aren't the problem. Bad parenting is. They buy M games for Junior and then blame the games for all the problems. Games don't kill people. Bad parenting might though.

By the way, are you going to be John McCain's runningmate? I would have voted for you for President. But I guess you're too smart to get into that mess.

Skerj4513d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments and wish more people in his position would adopt the same stance, Hilary included. They mostly shirk parental responsibility and fail to realize the entertainment and games they're lobbying against AREN'T meant for kids to begin with. Passing the buck to hide their piss poor parenting skills, that's what his comment was about.

Why ARE the parents that complain allowing their kids to play these games? How did the kids get the game? Why didn't the parent read the console manuals to figure out that every one post PS2 has parental control rights? See it's these questions that aren't being asked as much as they should whenever these issues come up, and when they are the person who asks gets cast aside like they were invisible.

Not to forget the double standards that games are forced to abide by yet somehow broadcast television (ever see FX after 10?) and movies get left alone now.

In any case if you want your kids to be well rounded positive members of society it's up to you to teach them not the TV, and not Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.

Statix4513d ago

I agree that the parents should be monitoring their kids' gametime, not the government.

wallace10004513d ago

Forsure, some parents just don't seem to care that their kids are playing video games 24/7 and turning into little fat lumps. It isn't up to the government though, parents just need to be good parents.

Milkman5414513d ago

Barack Obama 08 - A New Hope for America

Shadow Man4513d ago

Amen because if he doesn't win this country will go down the $hitter.

kevin11224513d ago

so a guy who hasnt done one thing politically and has empty words is the new hope for america. I think my hope in america just went down a few points reading your comment.

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The story is too old to be commented.