Dualshock 3 U.S. launch with list of compatible games

Rumble is back with the DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller for PLAYSTATION 3. These are shipping to store shelves as we speak, so be on the lookout for them next week. Now I know that the list of compatible games is the most important thing to you, so we're including that at the bottom of this post. The titles with an asterisk in the list below will require a patch in order to activate the rumble feature. The patch will automatically download to your PS3 if your console is connected online.

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pharmd3947d ago

I just want to know when and if COD4 gets rumble! Im lovin resistance with it!!!!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43947d ago

Yeah NEED COD4 to Rumble :-(
Got mine in December 2007 ;-P

jwatt3947d ago

They're releasing it early.

MikeGdaGod3946d ago


all need a patch

Amanosenpai3946d ago


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DethWish3947d ago

I just want to know when europe gets em..
That'll be when I buy my second

pharmd3947d ago

PSU has it slated for May 5th, but its not 100% sure yet.... good luck tho

Qbanboi3947d ago

Is COD4 there? My school PC block the blog.

pharmd3947d ago

no, no word on that yet, hopefully when the map packs land!

InMyOpinion3947d ago

How is the battery life in the DualShock 3 compared to the SixAxis?

pharmd3947d ago

its the same for me, i have three sixaxis and one dualshock and cant tell the difference in them as far as that goes at all.... the DS3 is built much better tho, my sixaxis are not functioning so well so im gonna grab another one of these when they hit here!

InMyOpinion3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Sounds good. I think the SixAxis feels cheap. The Dualshock 2 was much better.

Sony should have gone with rumble from the start. I can't imagine anyone saying "Damn you Sony, we really need motion sensing" if they hadn't incorporated it.

R2-JD3947d ago

I find the battery life quite decent. It isn't as long as normal Sixaxis, but it isn't terrible.

I like the DS3 beacuse it is sturdier and has a bit more weight to it like the DS2.

I do think Sony just should have said in the beginning that there was no rumble due to the lawsuit that was going on before instead of saying "Rumble isn't needed".



SUP3R3947d ago

Yeah they should have just come clean about the whole thing instead of making that statement people would have understood.

Anyway I'm having serious problems these past few weeks with my SIXAXIS, it is constantly loosing sync with the PS3 especially in the middle of COD4 matches.
Has anyone experienced this problem with the DS3 so far?

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mesh13947d ago

a lot of games not coming with dualshock 3 inc gta4 interesting .

R2-JD3947d ago

This list doesn't have verything on it. GTA4 will have rumble for the PS3 (I remember reading it somewhere). This list also doesn't show GT5:Prologue which does have rumble(the Japanese demo I downloaded has it). Assassin's Creed has rumble(very little, but it has it).

Pretty much everything coming out now will have rumble seeing as how the DS3 is now available in North America.


Capt CHAOS3947d ago

I'm sure it'll get patched.

MetalProxy3947d ago

I dont remember my 360 controller vibrating at all, interesting. Oh wait it needs batterys...again. :(

pharmd3947d ago

actually the list is of current games out that have compatibility..... unless you know that for sure?

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