Intel with impressive 3D Demo on next-gen CPU

At the Intel Developer Forum, Intels show a 3D demo with impressive particle effects. Up to 60k particles are shown on a system that runs with a next-gen quad-core Nehalem system with 8 threads. shows a video and some screenshots of this scene. Hopefully, this comes to the typical PC game soon.

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BludoTheSmelly4483d ago

Thats cool, Looks like it was chugging at times though, most games dont even fully use 4 at the moment though.

Lord Anubis4483d ago

the video demo does not impress me.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4483d ago

Yes it did, you just won't admit it because your all about The Cell and Sony.

Lord Anubis4483d ago

what the hell, what's wrong with that kid.

Ghoul4483d ago

totally unimpressed

they not even simulating it as a fluid just some random spreading patches of 2D firesprites, even farcry2 has better fire.

Avto4483d ago

I don't know what to say if this thing is running of the CPU alon it's great but with todays PPU and GeForce 8 this doesn't look that great

TheIneffableBob4483d ago

It's impressive that it's running that many things using the CPU, but it, visually, doesn't look impressive.

However, put this CPU in the hands of a professional game developer and I bet they can make some pretty amazing things.