Why Apple Will Go Atomic

What will Steve Jobs do next?

Intel's plans may offer the best Rosetta stone for decoding the secretive Apple chief executive's intentions. The latest clue will come Wednesday in Shanghai at the Intel Developer Forum, where the chip maker will detail its new lineup of low-cost, low-power processors, dubbed Atom, for handheld devices and embedded gizmos.

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Zip4474d ago

I cant see why this wouldnt happen? great find mate

Adamalicious4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

When Intel first showed off the Atom several weeks ago they showed a slide with "Smart Phones" listed as one of the uses for the new chip along side an image of an iPhone - so it was pretty clear what they are intending. Glad to see Forbes has caught up.

From March 12

jinn4474d ago

cuz microsoft will drop an atomic bomb on them

Pain4474d ago

M$ will be just a Memory in the eyes of the Flacky's that supported it.

have fun with vista if u can get it to work.