Violent Beahviour from World of Warcraft? Just the Opposite

Jane Barnett of Middlesex University, has conducted a study of 292 WoW players and found that gamers are more likely to feel tired or calm after playing, as opposed to wound up or ready to hit things.

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Maticus3877d ago

I certainly feel tired after playing, but that's probably because I play til 3am most nights :)

Leord3877d ago

I just think all reports on video games making people violent is a bucket of sh*t, and it is really nice when there is a voice or two (like this) stating the opposite.

As Nemi ( say: "If I feel like shooting of people's head's, what would I do if I didn't have video games?"

Leathersoup3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

wow is one of only a few video games that have an audience ranging from 12 to 83.

Edit: Actually it's probably the only video game that has that type of range.

Leord3877d ago

I know of even younger players, even if they are not officially allowed to play. I also know of people 60+ that play, so it isn't like the older generation are THAT rare either. I guess that the 13-16 age group is the most vocal one on official forums and BGs and stuff though, sadly.

The REAL way to "win" in WoW is to find a great guild to play and chat with. If you, like in ours, manage to raid as well, and having fun while raiding, that is possibly as good as you can get.